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Commercial hydroseeder for sale

2021-03-16 17:11:33

Commercial hydroseeder for sale
The commercial hydroseeder for sale is a new type of greening method. When the working, the green grass seeds are mixed with water-retaining agent, glue, grass fiber and fertilizer in a mixing container, and then the mixed slurry is sprayed on the ground. The slurry mixed by commercial hydroseeder contains water-retaining materials and various nutrients, which can ensure the nutrients necessary for plant growth and is suitable for large-area greening work.
commercial hydroseeder for sale 
The cost of the commercial hydroseeder for sale is relatively low, and the operating safety is greatly improved, and the commercial hydroseeder for sale is convenient to move, especially on the slopes with low and medium slopes and relatively scattered. The commercial hydroseeder machine is mainly powered by a diesel engine, consumes less fuel, is easy to operate and maintain, reduces operation and working costs, and has nozzles, which is easy to construct and maintain.

commercial hydroseeder

The commercial hydroseeder for sale gradually replaced the sprayer and the concrete pump, and solved the problem of low efficiency of the sprayer, high construction cost, large amount of labor and high cost. The commercial hydroseeder machine can be used for spray seeding on non-soil or organic soil surfaces (such as rocks, soil and sand). The main application scope of the commercial hydroseeder machine is: road greening, mountain greening, golf course greening, flat land greening, river embankment greening, etc.

commercial hydroseeder machine

When we used the commercial hydroseeder for sale, we should remember the following things:
1. The operator should carefully read this manual and the accompanying diesel engine manual, and follow the technical operation and maintenance procedures specified in the manual.
2. The soil for the commercial hydroseeder should be sieved and then added to the box.
3. If the ambient temperature in winter is lower than 5 degrees, the cooling water in the engine water tank must be drained.
4. When the commercial hydroseeder is running, it is strictly forbidden to touch rotating parts, such as walking gears and belts.
5. After leaving the battery for a period of time, the battery will be exhausted. At this time, the diesel engine should not be started frequently, and the battery should be fully charged before use.
6. When operating the commercial hydroseeder to load materials, do not remove the screen in the packing box to prevent people from falling and endangering lives. In addition, check whether the screen is firm every day.
7. Before starting the commercial hydroseeder, please make sure to add water to the water tank of the diesel engine, flush the water pipe and the water pipe after the operation, and then turn off the switch.

commercial hydroseeder price

If you want to know more about the commercial hydroseeder for sale, please contact us! Email:, and we can send the commercial hydroseeder price and more details for you.

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