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Colloidal grout mixer pump for sale

2018-10-29 10:04:18

Colloidal grout mixer pump insist of colloidal grout mixer, low speed grout agitator, and grout pump. Colloidal grout mixer pump system is designed to provide a continuous mixing and injection operation.
Colloidal grout mixer on the grout mixer pump, it is designed by using high shear high speed way, that breaks the material down to its finest particle size to achieve complete particle wetness.
High speed – The vortex action inside the mixing tank rapidly assimilates the powder materials into the mixer, resulting in the mixing of a batch in as little as 15 seconds. This throughput far exceeds that of other mixing technologies.
With an experienced operator the cycle of charging, mixing and discharging the batch can be kept down to one minute. The agitating, also called grout agitator, the holding tank has a vertical shaft with horizontal blades that are in constant contact with the material to maintain a thoroughly mixed grout.
Grout pump may use piston pump, single plunger pump, double plungers pump, hose type pump, also the progressive cavity pump. All components are easily accessible for operating, cleaning and maintenance.

compact grout plant

LGP300/300/75 PI E colloidal grout mixer pump was first designed for Malaysia clients on 2016, also shown in Baume China 2016. Malaysia colloidal grout mixer pump has 300L grout mixer, 300L agitator, the pump flow and pressure is adjustable: 0-75L/min, 0-50bar; 0-38L/min, 0-100bar. Suitable for the water-cement ratio is more than 0.5:1. No sand in. Compact structure, and easy to use.

colloidal grout plant

grout mixer pump for sale also produced for clients in Vietnam, Nepal and Croatia. Using vertical grouting pump. Hydraulic reversing and hydraulic drive for vertical grouting pump; Grouting pressure and output are step-less adjustable; Using rectangular agitator, makes the plant has compact structure, takes a very small size; Mixer and agitator switch by using squeeze handle. Agitator and pump do not has any valves. Easy to operate. Vietnam grout mixer pump for sale was ordered twice by our clients in Vietnam.

colloidal grout mixer pump

grout mixer pump for sale

Nowadays, clients in Thailand have new idea for the
colloidal grout mixer pump for sale. They use a high shear centrifugal mixing pump to finish the mixing projects. Grouting capacity is 0-75L/min and grouting pressure is 8Mpa. And you can also using butterfly valve during the mixer, agitator and pump part. It is easy to open and close. Machine color uses yellow. Of course, if you have any other suggestion about the colloidal grout mixer pump Thailand, you may let us know. Customize colloidal grout mixer pump Thailand could be also produced for you.

colloidal grout mixer pump

grout mixer pump for sale

colloidal grout mixer pump for sale

Colloidal grout mixer pump could be also used in ground improvement: soil-mix procedures, tube injections, injection screens. Tunnel construction: injections for reinforcing and sealing the ground, pipe screen injections, mortar back-filling injections, contact injections.
Also could be used micro-tunneling, tunneling. Colloidal grout mixers and pumps have been tried and tested over many years and for many applications. If you have an application, we could assist you with it.

High quality and user-friendly grout mixer pump with different capacity could be produced by us. Want to inquiry or order a compact grout mixer pump for sale with factory direct price, please email us:

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