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Foam concrete making machine factory

2020-01-03 14:37:31

Foam concrete making machine factory

As a factory of foam concrete making machine factory, supplier and manufacturer, Leadcrete has developed, produced and sold foam concrete making machines for more than ten years, and we supply foam concrete making machines to several countries. Foamed concrete is a very popular building material in modern construction projects. Compared with ordinary concrete or all other building materials, foam concrete has better thermal insulation, sound insulation and pressure resistance, and its service life. Due to the unique properties of foam concrete, it is found in construction projects worldwide, and our foam concrete making machine s are becoming more and more popular.

foam concrete making machine

Foam concrete produced by the foam concrete making machine can be directly poured or solidified into foamed concrete bricks for a wide range of uses. But what is the main material for making foam concrete?
The first is ordinary Portland cement, which can be used for 42.5 or 32.5. If you want to shorten the production cycle of foam cement, it is best to use fast and hard Portland cement or sulphoaluminate cement.
The second type is an effective mixture of primary or secondary fly ash, slag powder, etc., which can improve the performance of foam concrete.
The third is a blowing agent, which is essential. If it is a fast hard Portland cement or sulphoaluminate cement, it can be used with any type of blowing agent. If it is ordinary Portland cement, it will condense slowly and be easy to defoam, so it is necessary to use a high-grade foaming agent. There is also a slurry stabilizer that improves stability.

fine and even foam

Foam concrete produced by the foam concrete making machine has excellent performance in housing insulation. The cast-in-place foam concrete roof, energy-saving roof structure generally includes structural layer, insulation layer, slope finding, leveling and waterproof layer. Foam concrete for roofing insulation material is a method of on-site pouring, heat preservation, slope finding, leveling three-in-one, simplifying the construction process of the insulation layer, and integrating with the concrete roof. Foam concrete can be applied to roof insulation, floor insulation, wall insulation, pipe insulation and so on.

Foam concrete making machine for sale

In addition to its good thermal insulation properties, foam concrete produced by the foam concrete making machine has many other surprising advantages:
1. Insulation: The thermal conductivity is 0.080-0.16W/(m•k), which is about 20-30 times of the thermal resistance of ordinary concrete.
2. Light weight: Dry weight 300-700kg/m3, which is 1/5-1/8 of ordinary concrete density can reduce the overall load of the building.
3. Sealing: Casting site construction, combined with the closure of the main project, leaving no seams and air pipes.
4. Sound insulation: Foam concrete contains a large number of independent bubbles, evenly distributed, the sound absorption is 0.09-0.19%, which is 5 times that of ordinary concrete, and has good sound insulation.
5. Compressive strength: Compressive strength 0.3-2.2Mpa.
6. Waterproof: The foam is relatively independent, has good integrity and has certain waterproof performance.
7. Anti-cracking: Low shrinkage and crack resistance 8 times that of ordinary concrete.
8. Durability: Same life as the main project.
9. Simple construction: Do not look at the slope on the flat roof.
10. Economy: 20-50% low than other roof insulation materials.

Foam concrete making machine supplier

Only a part of the knowledge about foam concrete making machine and foamed concrete is shown above. For more information, please visit our official website:
We will help you for the first time. Thanks for reading.

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