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CLC block machine manufacturer

2021-05-12 18:12:32

CLC block machine manufacturer
There are many kinds of CLC block machine manufacturer on the market, with more CLC block machine of various brands, shapes and names every day, and the number of CLC block machines of new brands and names will continue to increase. As a professional CLC block machine supplier, Lead equipment will introduce the selection methods below in order to facilitate the correct selection of foaming machines.

CLC block machine manufacturer

1. Fully understand the foaming principle of CLC block machine.
Understanding the foaming principle of CLC block machine is of great help to further understand its technical characteristics and performance. Different foaming principles have different equipment structure and performance. By understanding its foaming principle, we have a general grasp of this foaming machine and find out the general direction of choice. This can determine that you won't make a big mistake in your choice.
2. Find out the type of CLC block machine.
There are three types: low-speed stirring type, high-speed impeller type, high-pressure type and medium-low type. The performance of different types of CLC block machine is quite different. Understanding its model category is very important to understand its performance deeply.
3. Master some basic technical parameters of the CLC block machine.
① Output. Its output is the bubble yield, which must be slightly higher than its own bubble demand by 20% in order to leave room. The bubble production should be based on the lower limit, but not the upper limit;
② Installed capacity. To calculate the adaptability of one's own electrical circuit to the total electricity consumption;
③ Equipment size. To determine the height and area of the workshop;
④ Foam diameter range. Generally, it should be compared according to the requirements of bubble diameter of its own products;
4. Carefully understand the foaming quality, and verify it by field test machine. The ultimate product of CLC block machine manufacturer is foam. Foam quality is the only standard to judge the performance of CLC block machine. Understanding other aspects is also for this purpose. If the foam quality is not good, what is the use of the CLC block machine supplier? To judge the foaming quality of CLC block machine supplier, we should focus on the following three aspects, namely, foam fineness, foam uniformity and foam bleeding. Whether the CLC block machine can meet the requirements in these three aspects should be confirmed and verified by the test machine.

CLC block machine

The size of foam has a great influence on the quality of foam concrete. The main influences are:
A. The smaller the bubble diameter, the higher the strength of foam concrete; The larger the bubble diameter, the lower the strength of foam concrete. Bubble diameter is inversely proportional to strength. This is mainly due to the large number of small bubbles, the walls between pores and the supports between bubbles.
B. The larger the foam, the more connected pores and the higher the water absorption rate. This is mainly because the bigger the bubble is, the worse the pressure resistance is, and it is easier to break and communicate when squeezed by slurry before initial setting;
C. The bigger the bubble is, the worse the pouring stability is. The bigger the bubble, the more unstable it is. Big bubbles drain quickly and break quickly. The stability when squeezed by slurry is not as good as that of small bubbles;
D. The bigger the bubble is, the worse the thermal insulation of foam concrete is. Experiments show that the same density foam, small foam is better than large foam in heat preservation effect.

CLC block machine supplier

We are a professional CLC block machine manufacturer, with more than ten years of experience in foaming machine sales, and can be customized according to your needs, please contact us! The email:

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