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Hidrosembradora for sale

2021-05-11 16:14:47

Hidrosembradora for sale
Our company has patented technology of hidrosembradora for sale, which can smooth mud. The material has poor fluidity, no blockage, no interruption, strong adaptability to raw materials and high output pressure. No matter how bad the road and environmental conditions are, our hidrosembradora for sale has its own advantages, which can avoid the influence of memory and ensure the stability and safety of the construction vehicle. Moreover, the design is reasonable and beautiful. Our company's hidrosembradora for sale is equipped with various spray guns, and the work can be expanded by 200-300 meters. When spraying is turned off, fan nozzles can be used to spray to meet the needs of different spraying. Hidrosembradora are widely used. Hidrosembradora can be used for sowing lawns, flowers and trees etc. They can also be used for daily nursing and soil improvement such as irrigation and fertilization.

Hidrosembradora for sale

Maintenance methods of hidrosembradora in daily storage:
1. Partial cleaning and maintenance of diesel engine: the diesel engine needs to be cleaned and maintained once a week, or once when you find that the engine is gasping, sluggish, poorly accelerated, smoky, weak and oil-consuming. Clear the colloid and carbon deposit inside the system, prevent harmful corrosion, avoid and stop leakage of seals and water tanks, completely replace the old coolant and replace the third filter.
2. Deepening maintenance of lubrication system: The main function of lubrication system is to effectively lubricate all parts at the joint of engine, tank and water pump of the sprayer to prevent excessive wear. Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to clean and maintain once every week, and it is also necessary to clean and maintain once when the engine is noisy, unable to accelerate and the water temperature is too high. Clean the oil sludge and other deposits inside the engine to avoid oxidation and thickening of engine oil at high temperature, reduce the wear of engine components, prolong the service life of the sprayer and improve the engine power.

Hidrosembradora for sale

In the process of using the hidrosembradora, sometimes there are some power failures. We will tell you how to solve it.
1. When spraying, sometimes the spraying distance is insufficient: if the spraying angle of the accelerator of the engine is appropriate at this time, it may be due to the unsmooth pipeline, so just open the pipeline and dredge it. It can be prevented by the following two methods; (1) When loading, be careful not to drop foreign matter into the tank, in case the pipeline is blocked. For the slurry of the spraying truck, if it is used for more than 1-2 years, it may be that the impeller of the slurry pump is worn and the spraying distance is insufficient. (2) After daily use, carefully clean the discharge pipeline.
2. When the hidrosembradora price is stirring, a large amount of foam appears in the tank body: reduce the rotation speed of the stirring shaft.
3. The rotating speed of the stirring shaft feels slower and slower, but it still doesn't reflect when the throttle is increased: if the control rod of the stirring shaft is in the correct position and the throttle is appropriate at this time, (1) The hydraulic oil deteriorates, and the hydraulic oil is replaced. (2) The hydraulic pump fails; (3) The hydraulic motor fails; (4) There are sundries winding on the mixing shaft, so clean up the sundries.

Hidrosembradora for sale

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