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China peristaltic pump manufacturers

2021-02-17 19:40:03

China peristaltic pump manufacturers
The China peristaltic pump plays an important role in the industry. It has been used in the industrial field for many years and has a long history. It mainly uses the industrial transmission function. It is part of the peristaltic transport of liquid or gas, but it is also different from peristaltic. Hose pumps belong to the category of peristaltic pumps. Peristaltic pump is a kind of rotor type positive displacement pump. It is named because its working principle is similar to that of the digestive tract to transport gas, solid and liquid three-phase media in a peristaltic manner. There is no strict distinction between hose pumps and peristaltic pumps.

China peristaltic pump

China peristaltic pumps play a major role in industry. First of all, its abrasive is what we value most, which is why designers choose it as a powerful industrial transportation. Because of its design, there are no valves and no sealing ports, because there are no other media, just hoses belonging to the internal organization, and high safety. Second, the self-priming ability of China peristaltic pumps is particularly good, so we can create their own vacuum environment, so the transmission of liquid or gas, blocking signs will not produce bubbles or resistance, affecting the transmission speed, which is for large-scale transportation This self-absorption capability of the industry is extremely advantageous. Third, its high performance is also reflected in its high sensitivity, which is mainly manifested in the high and uniform viscosity of the company's transportation, and good shearing properties. The gas or other liquids used for information transmission are invariable and non-degradable. deal with. Such a function is generally an advantage that cannot be ignored for the development of liquids or passing gases with different densities. Therefore, to choose the right instrument, we must not only consider its cost, but the most important thing is to consider its performance. For the help and effect of our production, the performance is suitable and it is a product worth buying.

China peristaltic pump manufacturers

With so many advantages, the China peristaltic pump has its own outstanding display and advantages in non-ferrous smelting, gold smelting technology, including mining and food production and processing methods. A hose pump with relatively high quality management can generally be used for 7-10 years without solving the problem. The biggest difficulty of the hose pump is its hose. This is the most important thing about the China peristaltic pump. A major component is completely related to whether it can continue research work.

As the China peristaltic pump manufacturers, Lead could provide France trelleborg hose and Chinese squeeze hose for customers’ option. Usually France trelleborg hose service life is 1200h, working pressure max. 3Mpa, while Chinese squeeze hose service life is 800h, working pressure max. 1.5Mpa. Customers could choose suitable squeeze hose according to specific project. 

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