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Shotcrete machine for underground mining

2021-02-19 15:51:48

Shotcrete machine for underground mining
The shotcrete machine for underground mining is widely used in protection projects such as tunnels, culverts, subways, bridges, coal mines, swimming pools, high marsh mines, hydropower projects, underground projects, and construction projects. The underground mining shotcrete machine can prevent sand and gravel and soil from falling on the inner wall of the tunnel and prevent landslides.

Shotcrete machine for underground mining

The underground mining shotcrete machine has the following advantages:
1. Adopt the non-adhesive flow-through rotor with a new material cavity, which completely eliminates the adhesion and blockage during operation, and reduces the gap and maintenance time. 
2. Eddy current thin flow conveying method. Make the jet flow uniform, continuous and stable, and improve the quality of shotcrete.
3. The four-point clamping device makes it easy to adjust the pressure between the sealing plate and the rotor disc, without air and leakage, and prolongs the service life of consumables
4. Mainly used for dry and wet mixtures and steel (polymer) fiber reinforced shotcrete.

The underground mining shotcrete machine is a light-weight shotcrete pump, which is operated by a highly reliable direct drive planetary gearbox and hydraulic power components. This sturdy work horse is better with the improvement that adds a direct drive to the conveyor belt. We have the shotcrete machine for underground mining and gasoline engine, electric motor and diesel engine for you to choose from. Our LDS1500G direct drive uses Honda LX390 power package, which is skid-mounted. Lead Equipment Co., Ltd. is a underground mining shotcrete machine supplier and manufacturer of more than 20 wet shotcrete machines. If you need this wet shotcrete machine, please contact us. 
Leadcrete underground mining shotcrete machine is designed to be portable, easy to use and best of all, affordable. Compared to an industrial shotcrete version, a typical industrial shotcrete machine would cost you around 10000 dollars to 19000 dollars which is very expensive especially to a start up construction company or developer. The underground mining shotcrete machine is so affordable, easy to use and maintain that will really be an essential tool for your construction company. You don't need to have a skilled worker to handle the job, even an unskilled laborer can operate this underground mining shotcrete machine in no time. 

Leadcrete underground mining shotcrete machine for now can be purchase by contacting us through email, cellphone, skype or Leaving a message. Or you may visit us at our office for appointment.
Mining shotcrete machine works with big output such as tunnel application can be applied with robot arm. The mining shotcrete machine system is suitable for bigger fracture surface, project which need big output, and tunnel construction which need high efficiency shotcrete. With our shotcrete machine for underground mining, you can get higher quality and homogeneous support, healthier and safer working conditions, less material loss, less manpower, less rebound and less time cost. 
If you want to know more about shotcrete machine for underground mining or price, please feel free to contact us! The email:

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