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Hydroseeding machine price

2021-02-15 11:32:49

Hydroseeding machine price
Hydroseeding machine for sale is a new mandatory greening technology. The main points of the hydraulic spraying technology are: using water as the carrier, matching the treated seeds (grass, tree, flower, stem, etc.) with the nutrients required for seed germination and early growth, adding binders, and water retention Agents, fiber covering materials, soil amendments and soil stabilizers, etc., are fully mixed with water and sprayed evenly on the soil surface of the greening site with a high-pressure spray.

hydroseeding machine price

The main features of the hydroseeding machine for sale:
1. Compound planting method: The spray seeder completely changed the traditional planting method. It uses water as a carrier, mixes plant seeds, plant fiber coverings, adhesives, water-retaining agents, etc., and sprays and covers the topsoil at one time to establish a vegetation nutrient base.
2. High efficiency and low hydroseeding machine cost: Spray planting is a large-flow, large-area coverage operation, which saves manpower and processes, and can greatly reduce production costs.
3. Strong maneuverability: large construction area and strong maneuverability for single-vehicle transportation, which can be dynamically operated according to the changes of the work site.
4. Fast vegetation recovery: The vegetation nutrient base formed by spraying planting can soak seeds, provide nutrients and water required for seed growth, and can effectively improve vegetation growth conditions and promote plant growth, thereby increasing the rate of emergence and growth of plants . Compared with other methods, spray planting can increase the growth rate of vegetation by more than 20%.
5. Suitable for complex landform operations with large slope fluctuations: For steep slopes and muddy areas where manual and mechanical spreading is very difficult, the sprayer can easily complete the seeding.
6. The hydroseeding machine for sale is suitable for sowing in poor soil and weathered rock areas: because the sprayed mixed slurry contains nutrients needed to help plant seeds germinate and grow, the fiber blanket formed by the cover can fix the seeds and topsoil, so that It has become a reality to establish primary vegetation in places where it is difficult for plants to survive.

Hydroseeding machine price is mainly based on the tank capacity, the diesel engine choose. Spraying the substrate is an important factor to ensure the success of the spray. Peat soil is a good material for spraying. It can be mixed with wood fiber (or pulp) in a certain ratio. It has better adhesion and water retention than pure wood fiber alone. It can be thinner and very thin in the soil layer. Even the surface of the weathered rock is sprayed, and the general thickness of the spray is 10-20 cm.
Get a quote or contact us for more information about our hydroseeding machine for sale and see if Lead Equipment is right for you! You could also email us: for more information about the high quality hydroseeding machine.

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