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China mortar plaster pump

2018-03-15 11:53:49

Leadcrete is a professional mortar plaster pump manufacturers and supplier in China, the production of mortar plaster pump wear and corrosion resistance. China mortar pump is widely used in a variety of fields, the field can be applied briefly summarized as follows, mortar plaster pump application:

1. Mortar grouting support in civil works (dams, tunnels, mines, infrastructure)

2. building reinforcement, bridge repair, solid foundation, foundation and other internal soil and rock filling mortar filling;

3. Road collapse, cracks and other filling, repair construction;

4. Underwater pipeline base, pier, embankment filling construction;

5. Mine tunnel wall waterproof, anti-cracking grouting;

6. Municipal engineering waterproofing and slope protection mortar grouting;

7. Underground pipeline grouting mortar gap protection.

Mortar plaster pump has small volume, its wide range of applications, in the field of construction and security plays a huge role.

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