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Cement spraying machine application

2018-11-02 10:03:06

The cement spraying machine is mainly used in the building construction industry, both inside and outside wall for plastering and spraying mortar, external wall insulation mortar spraying, the materials can be mortar roughcast, refractory coating, large building spraying fire materials, waterproofing coating and so on.
Production feature:
1. Spraying machine can change the flow and the pressure by reflux to form a laminar flow state.
2. The operation is simple convenience. There are switches not only on the electric control box, but also on nozzle.
3. The joint of nozzle and feed pipe can be rotated, which is convenience to operation.
4. Good quality and high efficiently.
5. The machine is compact and easy to carry.
6. Factory direct sales----Cheapest Price. Our company is a manufacturer direct marketing, and we have had exporting right, our products has already export to Singapore, South Africa, Philippines, South America and so on.

Cement spraying machine

Cement spraying machine application:
This spraying machine application is a kind of high pressure mortar spraying machine, advanced technology, operation and simple maintenance, no special training can be proficient in operation.
1. Save water, save material, can reduce more than 20% of the cost.

2. The operation is simple, do not need scaffolding, don't have to mobile devices, need not repair the grounds, Yin and Yang, are free to spray Angle, roof, shortening the time limit for a project, to improve the schedule, and cut down the cost of the frame material expenses.
3. Speed, high efficiency, low labor intensity, a sprayer can easily spray 120 m ^ 3 per hour, remove preparation time, work 8 hours a day calculations, can spray is about1000 m ^ 3, equivalent to 15 skilled several day of work.
4. Multi-usage spraying machine application, can spray mortar, waterproof material, is not subject to regional and environmental conditions and the influence of the coating surface shape.

cement spraying machine application

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