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Cement grout injection pump

2021-03-29 18:17:46

Cement grout injection pump
Grouting is also called grouting, which is to make a certain material into a slurry, and use a cement grout injection pump to push it into the stratum or gap to diffuse and gel or solidify, so as to achieve the purpose of strengthening the stratum or preventing seepage and leakage. Grouting technology is widely used in all kinds of pressure grouting in high-rise building mortar transportation reservoirs, hydropower stations, ports, wharfs, foundation treatment, soft foundation reinforcement grouting, and backfill grouting bolt support in tunnel mine subway construction. The main grouting techniques used at this stage include compaction grouting, bolt support, curtain grouting, and high-pressure jet grouting.

cement grout injection pump

The cement grout injection pump for sale is an important grouting equipment in the construction project. Regular good maintenance habits on the grout injection pump can effectively extend the service life of the machine, ensure the normal operation of the equipment during use, reduce the failure rate, and improve work efficiency. Reduce maintenance costs. The cement grout pump produced by our company has stable performance, compact structure, convenient operation and maintenance, and is widely used in construction projects.

cement grout injection pump for sale

We should pay attention to the following matters when using the cement grout injection pump:
Before use, first conduct a clean water test run to test and check whether the joints and cement grout pump body packing leaks; after the dry pump test the water, send the thin mortar into the pipeline to lubricate the pipeline, especially the first time a new pipe is used. Avoid pipeline blockage; check whether the ball valve is working properly when testing the water; first start the mortar pump and then put the mortar in use; stir the mortar in the mortar hopper at any time during use to prevent precipitation; pay attention to the pressure gauge pointer. When the pressure exceeds the limit, the power should be turned off, and the pressure should be reduced before starting to avoid excessive pressure causing the hose to burst.

cement grout pump

1. In construction engineering, the cement grout injection pump is used to transport mortar vertically and horizontally.
2. In the metallurgical iron and steel sector, it is used to repair blast furnaces and other equipment.
3. The cement grout injection pump is used for grouting in national defense engineering, civil air defense engineering, mine and tunnel construction.
4. In the chemical industry, the cement grout injection pump is used to transport paste-like raw materials (color paste, paint), magnetic materials and other media.
5. Used to reinforce dams in farmland water conservancy projects. Drilling wells in sand is used to reinforce shaft walls, etc.
6. In railway construction, the cement grout injection pump is used for grouting reinforcement of bridges and culverts.

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