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Cement foaming machine with cellular lightweight concrete mixer

2019-03-05 11:13:35

Cement foaming machine is divided into mechanical cement foaming machine and hydraulic piston cement foaming machine according to the principle. The mechanical cement foaming machine has low conveying efficiency and many failures, and is gradually replaced by a hydraulic cement foaming machine.

cement foaming machine

The cement foaming machine is composed of a cement feeder, a cement mixer and a foam concrete pumping machine.

The cement foaming machine designed as a whole foaming device and cement mixer is automatically sucked into the cement slurry processed by the mixer, pressurized by the pumping machine, sent to the mixer, and mixed with the foam sent by the foam generator to form The foam concrete slurry is then sent to the construction site through the pipeline.

(1) Cement feeder.

The cement feeder is a cement feeding equipment for foam concrete, which meets the performance requirements of continuous operation, uniform feeding, controllable and energy metering. At present, there are three types of cement feeders for preparing foam concrete on the market, one conveyor belt feeder, the second is a spiral auger type feeder, and the third is a slide type bucket feeder. The three feeders are suitable for different types. Use occasions. Conveyor belt loading machine is mainly suitable for fixed operation; slide type bucket loading machine is more suitable for fixed metering equipment; spiral auger type feeding machine is suitable for mobile continuous metering equipment, and is also suitable for large-scale combined unit. The biggest advantage is that the seal has no dust, high efficiency, can be metered, and the conveying angle is large, which is ideal for outdoor work for continuous operation.

cellular lightweight concrete mixer

(2) Cement mixer.

The cement mixer should be able to produce a good cement slurry. The conditions for making the pulp are: the water and the cement are thoroughly stirred in the shortest time and in a limited space, and no particles are agglomerated. The conditions are: high speed, high breaking rate, no external splashing device, especially for processing with quick-setting materials.

lightweight concrete mixer

(3) Foam concrete pumping machine.

 The foam coagulation pumping machine is a special pumping machine for conveying foam concrete slurry. It requires adjustable output during construction, small pressure pulse, good stability and low failure rate. In recent years, there have been a variety of pumping machines used in the market, such as screw pumps, hydraulic piston pumps, diaphragm pumps, hose pumps, pressure tank pumps, and the like. At present, the most popular application in the market is the hydraulic plunger set, followed by the hose pump. Due to the high breaking rate and fast wear of the screw pump, the diaphragm pump has been gradually eliminated. The diaphragm pump has a low pumping pressure and the vertical conveying is less than 60m. However, because its conveying quality is better than other pumps, it is suitable for some occasions where the height is not high. At the same time, its service life is the longest among all types of pumps. The pressure tank pump is gradually eliminated due to its minimal application and backward application. More hydraulic piston pumps and hose pumps have been used in the market.

concrete mixer pump

Three conveying conditions for concrete:

1 The pump should be relatively balanced during pumping.

2 The smaller the pressure difference between the two pumping pulses, the better.

3 In the process of pumping, it is better to have no disturbance of valve opening and closing.

The technical performance of the hose pump basically conforms to the three conveying conditions of the foam concrete. The improved hose pump has a maximum pressure of 2.5 MPa, and the operability is improved, the failure rate is reduced, and the pump can be freely reversible. The operation is so the pump is currently the most popular choice for concrete transportation.

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