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Grouting plant and equipment for sale

2023-04-28 18:33:17

Grouting plant and equipment is a combination of grout pump, grout mixer, and grout agitator, specially designed for continuous mixing and grouting in surface/underground engineering.

compact grouting plant and equipment

grouting equipment for sale

grouting plant and equipment for sale

The working principle of the grouting plant and equipment is: the high-pressure grouting pump injects a certain proportion of cement slurry into the cement slurry through the grouting pipe; The grout enters the concrete cracks under pressure and then fills the concrete to prevent water erosion. Grouting enhances the strength of concrete, which is convenient and fast, the construction effect is remarkable, and it is economical and reliable.

grouting plant and equipment

grouting plant for sale

stainless steel grout mixing plant

stainless steel grout plant

Grouting equipment is powerful with a compact structure, convenient operation, and less space occupation.
Grouting plant and equipment are widely used in mining engineering, tunnel engineering, water conservancy engineering, subway engineering, construction engineering, bridge engineering and other construction sites that require grouting, water blocking, caulking, and damaged reinforcement.

grout mixing and pumping plant

We have developed full series of grouting equipment for sale, pump including piston type, plunger type, and hose type. We have grout mixing plant with different capacities, and their prices are also different, you can contact us to get the suitable machine according to your project . It is also possible to customize the grout plant according to your project.

all in one grout plant for sale

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