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Hydraulic hydroseeder machine construction process

2018-10-09 09:38:14

The guest soil spraying machine is mainly applied to the vegetation protection of the high-speed public (iron) road slope, the biological protection of the river bank and the reconstruction of large-scale green land.

hydroseeding equipment

Construction process

1. Before we start, we must first clean the slope. Generally, we use tools such as pneumatic picks and steel dry to remove the gravel, pumice, dangerous rock and slope. The surface should be treated manually (unevenness is caused by anchoring and hanging nets). A lot of trouble), the unevenness is roughly flattened to make the planting substrate thick and even.

hydroseeder machine for planting seed

2. Hit the anchor, and must pay attention to the selection of the anchor, the anchor is about 1-2m rebar. His main role is to have two points of slope and easy to hang the net. If the slope is too steep, then you should hang the crossbar. Because the slope is too large, you need to hang the crossbar. The wood can be a common local strip and the thickness is 3-5 cm thick.
3. Hanging net (barbed wire or three-dimensional net). In the top of the slope to repair the drainage ditch, it is best to press the net under the drainage ditch to prevent landslides and theft; the top of the hanging net is 20-750px, the bottom is 500px, and the mesh and the mesh are overlapped by 1-2cm with U-shaped nails or the wire is fixed.
4. Spray the hydraulic hydroseeder machine substrate mixture. The substrate mixture was sprayed onto the slope using a jet machine. Spray as much as possible from the front, and operate from top to bottom and left to right, avoiding the upward spray, and the convex and concave parts should be careful not to leak and leave no dead ends. In the last pass, the soil, pulp or wood fiber, water retaining agent, binder, and grass seeds are evenly mixed and sprayed onto the slope surface and the thickness is about 0.5-25 pixy. This way the grass is mixed with the material more evenly and moisturized. Conducive to grass seed germination. If it is a sunny slope, the temperature is high, you can increase the amount of seeds, and increase the amount of water retention agent for moisturizing.
5. Cover non-woven fabric (12 -18g/m2) after the spray mixing; the non-woven fabric made of high molecular polymer covers the slope from top to bottom, which is good for moisturizing and anti-scouring. The density of the non-woven fabric requires 15-18g/m2.

large capacity hydroseeding machine

6. Maintenance management: The main work is spray, irrigation, fertilization and pest control.
7. Water spray maintenance is watered according to the slope humidity and weather conditions. Usually watering twice a day to promote germination and whole seedlings of shrub seeds. After the Miao Qi, you can water it once a day. If it does not rain after spraying, it is often watered to keep the soil moist.
8. Uncovering the non-woven fabric. After 10-20 days after spraying, after the plant on the slope is grown, if the non-woven fabric of the slope surface is not degraded, the non-woven fabric is uncovered by artificial methods to facilitate plant growth.

chinese manufacture hydroseeder

Pest control: Regular observation of the growth of slope vegetation, prevention and control of pests and diseases is mainly prevention, once it occurs, immediately spray control.
Selection of seed varieties: Herbaceous plants: bluegrass, high wool, purple wool, etc. Shrubs: arborvitae, amorphous, etc.

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