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Where cast-in-place foam concrete can be applied

2020-02-18 19:57:47

Where cast-in-place foam concrete can be applied

Because cast-in-place foam concrete has many advantages, it can be used in a variety of environments and the product is very economical and reasonable in price. Most of the friends who have used it can feel the benefits of using foam concrete to the building. Therefore, cast-in-situ foam concrete is also used in many places. So where can cast-in-place foam concrete be applied?

cast-in-place foam concrete

It is very important to protect the port. Whether the rock wall is sturdy or not directly affects the transportation safety of the port. Therefore, foam concrete is often used along the walls of ports in many places. Because foam concrete can withstand large pressures, and the product itself is relatively light, it effectively reduces the tendency of the port. It can also make the life of foam concrete buildings longer.

The materials used in the runway of the sports field often need to be relatively solid and have certain high requirements in drainage performance. Among many types of concrete, cast-in-situ foam concrete has higher drainage capacity and higher cost performance. Therefore, the use of foam concrete to build a sports field runway can also well prevent the ground from being damaged by rain.
The advantage of cast-in-situ foam concrete is that it can be directly used as a filling material for highways. The use of foam concrete can greatly increase the useful life of expressways. Therefore, it directly protects the highway. Of course, foam concrete can also be used in some other sections for protection.

cast-in-place foam concrete

Foam concrete can be used in these places. As the material of the rock wall, foam concrete can effectively protect the transportation safety of the port. We can provide foam concrete machine to make the foam concrete if you need, please feel free to contact us. 

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