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Foam concrete pouring surface

2020-02-17 16:27:26

Foam concrete pouring pouring surface
Foam concrete is mainly composed of inorganic materials. No harmful substances are produced during production, and there is no odor at the production site. It does not produce decomposition products during use, and is environmentally friendly. Foam concrete, from the perspective of building greening, should also be a better choice for building insulation.

foam concrete

Pouring foam concrete: According to the engineering situation, foam concrete equipment is placed on the second floor of the ground, and pumped and layered. The thickness of each layer is 40㎝, and the thickness of a large construction is not more than 50㎝. The casting volume per day is controlled at 70. ~ 100 cubic meters; the template can be used to divide the facade according to the actual needs of the site to ensure the molding quality.

Pre-foamed concrete at the bottom of the floor: Within the range of the pouring area, the pouring surface of the foamed concrete is about 20 ~ 30㎝ from the basement floor. Stop pouring; use the pre-foamed concrete to pour, and add the foaming agent to the cement-based cementing material. In the slurry made of raw materials, admixtures, admixtures and water, after mixing, stirring and pouring, it will make the slurry produce closed pores through chemical reaction at the junction of deep and shallow foundation pits, which can achieve the effect of filling saturation and ensure the bottom foam.

Foam concrete pouring surface machine

Our foam concrete machine is composed of five parts: feeding, foaming, mixing, pumping and control system. It adopts the hose pump frequency modulation pumping technology to overcome the shortage of the screw pump and plunger pump. The disadvantages of the moving parts of screw pump and plunger pump are fragile, high maintenance costs and unstable engineering quality. So if you want to make pour foam concrete, we are a good choice.

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