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Advantages of foam concrete floor insulation

2020-02-19 17:43:04

Advantages of foam concrete floor insulation
Floor heating is the abbreviation of low-temperature radiant heating on the ground. Foam concrete factory heating is a heating method in which a hot water pipe or heating cable with a temperature not higher than 60 degrees Celsius is buried under the floor to heat the entire floor and radiate heat to the room evenly through the floor.

foam concrete for floor insulation

Compared with traditional heating methods, geothermal radiation heating has many advantages such as comfort, energy saving and environmental protection.

1. Meet the comfort requirements of human physiological heating, let the warmth from the feet, a large amount of heat is concentrated within 1.8m of the ground, it is the space for people to move, the temperature gradient is appropriate, so people will feel warmer, more comfortable, and improve blood Circulation, especially for children and the elderly with poor resistance.
2. Save the indoor area and space, save the space occupied by installing radiators and heating pipes, and increase the use area by 2% ~ 3%, which is convenient for home decoration and furnishing. It can make the indoor heating temperature uniform. After using the floor heating, the room temperature is evenly distributed from the bottom to the top. The contamination of contaminated air is weakened. The indoor air is fresh, no dust, no odor, no noise, and the water loss is reduced. Defects such as dry mouth. Foam concrete manufacturers have a wide range of choices. They can use underground hot water, industrial waste heat, heating pipe networks, and domestic heating sources.

diesel foam concrete machine

Our foam concrete machine is specifically used to floor insulation. Our foam concrete machine puts feeding system, foaming system, mixing system and pumping system in one, very convenient and low cost. Just one machine already has 4 parts: screw or belt conveyor, concrete mixer, foam generator and foam concrete pump. So if you choose this machine, you will get big efficiency and low cost.  

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