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Advantages of hydro seeder in a desert environment

2022-03-30 14:44:24

The hydro seeder can be used not only in highway (railway) side slope greening, slope protection, mountain body management, mine regreening, desertification treatment, and landfill disposal, but also in the desert environment. The advantages of using hydro seeder in a desert environment, the author will give you a brief discussion.

hydroseeder for desert environment

1. It can be used in the desert environment to complete sowing, fertilization and irrigation once, reduce planting costs, speed up construction, and effectively increase the germination rate and survival rate of grass seeds;

2. The hydro seeder is small in size and easy to move. At the same time, according to the actual situation, the power of the diesel engine can be replaced with the motor power, and wheels can be added. The use of the wheel in a desert environment can reduce the cost and facilitate the machine not suitable for vehicles. Move in and out of the place;

hydro seeder for sale

3. Hydro seeder with a horizontal spiral conveyor stirring system and vertical backwash system, can effectively stir the material, improve the seed germination rate and growth rate in the desert environment;

4. The direct injection and broadcasting system and direct injection spraying system for the hydraulic sprayer can adopt different spraying methods according to the needs of different spraying and broadcasting in the desert environment to increase the efficiency and reduce the labor.

With the development of hydro seeder technology, its advantages in using in the desert environment will be more significant. 

hydro seeder

hydro seeder in a desert environment

Advantages of using a hydro seeder in a desert environment

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