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500kg refractory pan mixer

2022-11-24 04:22:20

500kg refractory pan mixer is used to mix raw materials. Material obtained in the pan blender full mixing, thereby enhancing the mixing uniformity. There is a high wear-resistant steel liner in the mixer bottom and inner wall, and five pieces of different purpose mixing arm could make refractory materials mix evenly and avoid sticking. in order to keep the mixer stable in the use, we add the forklift hole. LRM500 refractory castable mixers are also equipped with a soft-start device, which could smoothly start the motor. The overall structure is more reasonable, beautiful appearance, and has easy operation and maintenance.

500kg refractory pan mixer

castable refractory mixer

castable refractory pan mixer

Features of 500kg refractory pan mixer:
1. Pan mixer;
2. Refractory pan mixer is specially designed for site operation;
3. Fast mixing speed and homogenous;
4. Compact structure;
5. Comfortable feeding height;
6. Easy to move;
7. With bag breaker;
8. Water spray nozzles;
9. Low maintenance cost.

500kg castable refractory mixer

500kg refractory mixer for sale

A 500kg refractory pan mixer is used for mixing refractory materials, castables, friction materials, chemical materials, precast concrete, mortar, aggregate mixing and glass materials, etc. Could work together with refractory wet shotcrete machine, used for refractory procedurals steel industry.

500kg refractory pan mixer all the work body fixed on the rack. And adopted a rigorous product certification and specific technical requirements to achieve the purpose of use.

500kg refractory mixer

500kg refractory pan mixer for sale

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