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Small air motor refractory gunite machine for sale

2023-06-28 18:14:01

Recently we have developed a new type dry process small air motor refractory gunite machine, utilizes a distinct method from concrete pumps. With gunite machines, the conveyance of dry material relies on air pressure, which propels the material from the machine through the hose until it reaches the nozzle, where water is added.

air motor refractory gunite machine

reed sova guncrete machine

Our latest model of the small air motor refractory gunite machine is primarily designed for lower-volume dry-mix shotcrete applications, catering to various needs such as:
1. Refractory material patchwork – refractory lining
2. Low-volume refractory spraying
3. Small concrete retaining wall construction
4. Concrete repair
5. Artificial rocks and caves
6. Rockscaping – artistic/low volume
7. Artificial rock construction
8. Creating realistic 3D concrete dinosaurs, insects, animals, cartoon characters, and more.

reed sova gunite machine

refractory gunite machine for sale

Now, let's explore the exceptional features of our new model small air motor refractory gunite machine:
Smoothest Output: The precision feed wheel assembly ensures a consistent and uniform flow of material into the airstream by providing a constant metered amount. This eliminates any high-low surge typically experienced within the material hose.
High-Quality Concrete: Our machine enables smooth material placement, leading to even hydration at the nozzle and minimal rebound, resulting in high-quality concrete applications.
Highly Portable and Easy to Store: Thanks to its compact size, our machine can be conveniently used in confined work areas. Unlike larger alternatives requiring two individuals and scaffold planks to mount them on a truck, our small-sized machine can easily fit through narrow doors.
Versatility: The interchangeability of components such as hoses and feed wheels empowers you with controlled feed rates and a diverse range of output options, ensuring flexibility in your operations.
Easy Maintenance: With easy access for on-the-line service and a minimal requirement for tools, maintaining our machine is a hassle-free experience.
Minimal Labor Required to Operate: Merely a few minutes are necessary to provide instructions to a ready-mix truck driver or shoveler, and the gunite machine requires minimal adjustments thereafter, streamlining the operational process.
Quick Disassembly: When the need arises, the removal of seven nuts allows for a quick and complete disassembly of the machine (except for the sealed-in drive train), ensuring efficient maintenance and repairs.
Rugged and Reliable: Our machine boasts a sealed-in-oil gear drive, guaranteeing its durability and long life. All gears are expertly designed and manufactured using heat-treated alloys, running smoothly on ball or roller bearings, eliminating the need for chains.
Safety Ensured: Our feed process eliminates dangerous pressure chambers, significantly reducing the risk of injuries during operations.
Continuous Operation: Experience seamless and uninterrupted operation, enabling enhanced productivity.

small air motor refractory gunite machine

Leadcrete Equipment is a professional manufacturer and supplier of small air motor refractory gunite machines. With over 20 years of experience in production and manufacturing, we specialize in offering various customized solutions to meet your unique requirements. Contact us today to explore the possibilities! 

small refractory gunite machine

If you are interested in purchasing a small air motor refractory gunite machine, feel free to contact us. Our team will assist you with product details, pricing, and any other information you may need. Invest in our high-quality machine to enhance your shotcrete applications and achieve excellent results. Email address:

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