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Analysis on the use of cement foaming agent in foam concrete manufacturers

Foam concrete manufacturers will discuss how various performance indicators of cement foaming agent affect the quality of foam concrete.

use of cement foaming agent

First, the more uniform the foam produced by cement foaming agent produced, the better the bubble diameter should be the same size.

The narrower the ideal pore size distribution, the better the pore size, that is, the pore size should be as uniform as possible, and the difference should not be too large. The corresponding requirement is that the foam should be uniform and not of a different size. The bubble diameter of the foam may not be exactly the same, but should be similar, the bubble diameter range should be as small as possible, and the difference between the large bubble diameter and the small bubble diameter should not be too large. The pores formed by the foam concrete need to be uniform, and it is possible to prevent the compressive stress from being concentrated at the large holes to reduce the compressive strength. If the foam size is not uniform, the stress is concentrated on the large bubbles, which makes it easy to become a weak link. It is a crack under pressure.

making foam

Second, the higher the stability of the foam by cement foaming agent produced, the better, the longer the stabilization time, the better.

The foam film with good stability is tough, has good mechanical strength, and is not easily broken or excessively deformed when the slurry is extruded. In addition, it has self-retaining property, and the moisture on the liquid film is not easily lost under the action of gravity and surface tension, and the thickness and integrity of the foam liquid film can be maintained for a long time, so that the foam can be stored for a long time without breaking.

Foam concrete manufacturers can measure foam stability without standard measuring instruments to determine the sinking distance. Foam stabilization time should meet the needs of initial cementing materials. Because the mud is initially solidified, the foam can be fixed, and the foam form is retained to form a hole.

cement foaming agent in foam concrete

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