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Shotcrete machine used for slope project in Indonesia

Shotcrete machine used for slope project in Indonesia

Shotcrete Services can offer a comprehensive package to suit all forms of slope stabilization. These can vary from a simple reinforced overlay to prevent weathering and erosion of the slope surface, to complete structural anchored or soil nailed solutions.

About shotcrete machine used for slope project in Indonesia, we have electric motor, air motor, diesel engine drive for customer option. Air motor and diesel engine shotcrete machine don’t need any electric power supply, suitable for remote working site, inconvenient to get electric supply. For shotcrete machine, we have different output capacity for option.

shotcrete machine for slope project

If you need shotcrete machine, gunite machine, concrete spraying machine for slope project in 
Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and so on Asian countries, you can contact us by sales@leadcrete.comWe will provide the first-class service for you, sincerely look forward to cooperating with you. This is our product link:

Shotcrete is the perfect material for treating unstable slopes due to:

·         Rapid application

·         Remote placement

·         High strength

·         Low permeability

·         Excellent bond

·         High durability

Shotcrete machine used for slope project in Indonesia:

Shotcrete machine used for slope project in Indonesia

Spraying concrete for road slope protection:

Spraying concrete for road slope protection

Concrete spraying machine for slope protection:

Concrete spraying machine for slope protection

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