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Mixing ratio and curing of foam concrete

Foam concrete produced by foam concrete manufacturers has a wide range of applications in construction, but its mix ratio is also very important, mainly to meet the requirements of controlling thermal conductivity and mechanical strength.

foam concrete machine

The first is to determine the amount of cement and sand according to the dry density requirements of the foam concrete. Determine the appropriate amount of water based on the amount of cement and sand used. In addition, the volume of the cement slurry is determined according to the amount of cementing material and water consumption, thereby further determining the volume of the foaming agent. The volume of the foaming agent is an important factor in determining the amount of foam used. The final step is to determine the amount of foaming agent. These steps are interlocking, and the production of the next step is determined by the previous step.

The above is the design principle of the mix ratio of foam concrete. We must abide by these principles in production so that we can use it better.

foam concrete pump foam agent

The foam concrete produced by the foam concrete manufacturer needs maintenance after construction and can improve its quality. Let's see how it is cured.

After the foam concrete is poured, if the climate is hot and the air is dry, the water in the foam concrete will evaporate too quickly, and dehydration will occur, so the cohesive force will be affected, and the surface will appear flaky or powdery. phenomenon. When the foamed concrete does not have sufficient strength, the premature evaporation of the water may cause shrinkage deformation, dry shrinkage cracking, and peeling off from the base layer. So pay attention to the evaporation of water.

The finished foam concrete is porous, with low density and poor water retention. Therefore, for the evaporation of water and the influence of temperature, it must be paid attention to during construction.
Our factory manufacture
foam concrete machine and foam agent, so process these rich experience on producing the foam concrete, the design principle of the mixing ratio and the influencing factor of the curing for your reference. 

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