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Xisihuan Ring-Road East, Tielu, Xiliu Lake sub-district, Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou, Henan China

Cellular lightweight concrete machine factory

As a processional and experienced and
lightweight concrete brick machine factory, we have already developing, producing and selling the lightweight concrete brick machines for 10 years.

The lightweight concrete bricks we produced have many advantages:

1. Lightweight: Dry bulk density 300 kg/m^3 -1500kg/m^3 , 1/8-1/2 as light as common concrete, imposing a minimum loading on the building, excellent in earthquake resistance.

2. High Compression Strength: compression strength ranging from 0.6 MPa to 25 MPa, 4 times as traditional aerated concrete.

3. Thermal Insulation: Low thermal conductivity, good heat preservation and good thermal insulation.

4. Impermeability: Low water-intake rate and high impermeability.

5. Energy-saving: permanent measure of energy-saving, coming up to 65% of the requirement of the National Building Energy Saving specifications.

6. Labour-saving and Time-saving: Smooth and level in wall surface after solidification. The procedure of interior wall plastering can be omitted, direct roughening, paint filling, coating and wall bricking are practicable.

7. Good Totality: one-off cast can well join such structures as cast cast-in-situ floor slab, mortar bed, column and beam bottom, etc.. Without producing cracks and interruptions.

8. High Durability: GF foamed concrete cast-in-situ of walls ensures the same warranty as the main construction.

9. Low Cost: GF foamed concrete proves the advantages of comprehensive low cost  and high rate of progression.

lightweight concrete brick machine

To produce the quality cellular lightweight concrete brick, we have specially designed the cellular lightweight concrete brick machine. This lightweight concrete brick machine includes four parts: foam generator, screw conveyor, foam concrete mixer and cellular lightweight concrete pump. And after our long time study, we have puts all the four parts in one, so this cellular lightweight concrete brick machine is very convenient to use and operate.

concrete brick machine

For the capacity of the cellular lightweight concrete brick machine, we can provide 5cbm/hr, 10cbm/hr, 20cbm/hr,30cbm/hr... And if any other questions you have, we can provide excellent after-sale service.  

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