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Surface tension of cast-in-place foam concrete liquid

Foam concrete machine is used to make foam concrete pouring, that is, cast-in-place foam concrete; also can be used to make precast products, such as, foam concrete bricks, foam concrete panels, etc.

foam concrete machine

In the production of foam concrete, foam is more important. We need fine and rich, even and independent foams, and the foam must has good stability.

cast-in-place foam concrete

The foam is a dispersion of fine air bubbles separated by a fine liquid film. Due to the surface tension of the cast-in-place foamed concrete liquid, the liquid surface has a tendency to shrink automatically, so that the pure liquid does not produce a large amount of foam after being agitated.

In a pure liquid, the two bubbles collide without any hindrance, and then the bubbles are completely broken, but if a substance that reduces the tension of the gas-liquid interface is dissolved in the liquid, the composition is formed in combination with the other. The liquid has a critical layer with a certain mechanical strength. When the two bubbles collide, the critical layer acts as a “buffer layer” to prevent the bubble from rupturing. The foam liquid is blown by powerful high-pressure air. , a large number of bubbles with a very strong surface tension are formed.

The cast-in-place foam concrete contains a large number of tiny bubbles, and its bulk density can be adjusted by adjusting the content of bubbles and curing agent in the foam concrete, and the bulk density can be adjusted within 5-16 KN/m3 as needed. Since cement is used as a curing agent, it usually starts to solidify after 5 hours of pouring, and can be self-supporting after solidification, can be vertically filled, and has almost no pushing force against the retaining structure.

Due to its good fluidity and self-standing after curing, and without vibration and rolling operations, it can be constructed in a long distance or in a small space. In addition, a large number of bubble groups are mixed in the foam concrete, and the volume of the finished product can reach more than three times the volume of the material.

foam agent for making foam

If you are interested in foam concrete, please feel free to contact us. We can provide foam concrete equipments and high quality plant protein foam agent.

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