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How to cure foamed concrete

Foamed concrete is a product of mixed foaming and sanding. It has good thermal insulation and sound insulation properties. At the same time, the foamed concrete has lighter weight under the same volume, which can significantly reduce the load of buildings. It has a strong presence in the construction industry. A wide range of applications.

 foamed concrete

Then, after the pouring of the foamed concrete, what kind of maintenance and maintenance is required to achieve its maximum effect? Cement foam equipment manufacturers to introduce you briefly.


Plastic film curing refers to the plastic film covering to separate the concrete from the air, the water is no longer evaporated, and the cement has achieved hydration by the hydration of the water in the concrete. The method can directly cover the plastic film on the surface of the concrete, or spray the plastic emulsion on the surface of the concrete member, and after the emulsion is volatilized, a concrete film is combined on the concrete surface to isolate the concrete member from the air. The water in the concrete is no longer evaporated to complete the hydration.


Covering watering maintenance is based on the outside temperature. Generally, the concrete should be covered with straw, abalone, sack, sawdust, wet soil and wet sand within 3-12 hours after pouring the foamed concrete, and often watered to keep it moist. . Foam concrete watering and curing date, the concrete mixed with Portland cement, ordinary cement and slag cement shall not be less than 7 days and nights. Concrete with retarding admixture or impermeability requirements shall not be less than 14 days and nights; when using bauxite cement, it shall not be less than 3 days and nights. The number of waterings per day can keep the concrete in a sufficient wet state. When the temperature is above 15 °C, it should be watered at least every 3 hours during the day and 3 days after the concrete is poured. Twice, in the future maintenance, watering at least 3 times a day (of course, when the temperature is dry, you can increase the number of watering properly).

 foam concrete machine for making foam concrete

Curing method is as above, if you are interested in the foam concrete, we can provide foam concrete machine and also provide guidance for you to make foam concrete.

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