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WSS method construction application on the water

2017-05-26 11:18:06

Electric grouting projects drilling equipment is applied in subway construction site foundation pit water penetration.

Precipitation, if blindly injection, will cause settlement of surrounding strata excavation depth of about 4 meters, water balance, around a punch on the surface, grouting, check the water layer. Construction unit to use my company LZJ1500/2500 hydraulic drilling rig, LSYB70/4 Dual slurry grouting injection pump, phi 50 drilling tools, such as equipment, drilling rig on the surface of the platform, about 30 meters deep, mining WSS construction method. Into an orderly drilling grouting to form a good check water layer, eventually eliminate water of foundation pit, for subsequent construction.

WSS Grouting technology

WSS method construction application on the water


WSS method construction

Electric grouting projects drilling equipment

LZJ1500/2500 hydraulic drilling rig
are mainly used for WSS Grouting technology which is double 
tube grouting at the ends of hole. It can grouting cement, sodium silicate double slurry, and worked in subway, tunnel construction and other projects for sealing the foundation pit gushing water, collapse, land subsidence, etc. which caused by underground water, quicksand, karst cave.

hydraulic drilling rig

LSYB70/4 is a dual slurry grouting injection pump
, the pump has two separate cylinder to avoid the slurry and sodium silicate to mix inside the cylinder, then the two liquid will be outlet by two hose and mixed outside the pump. This model pump is matched with our LZJ series drilling rig which include double wall tube. The two liquid will mix at the end of double wall tube, so it has good performance on the waterproof curtaining grouting, improve soft ground. 

wss grouting technology pump

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