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Compact colloidal grout plant for sale to Ethiopia

2017-05-27 15:32:35

Compact colloidal grout plant is one of the most important machines during the grouting process. High volume colloidal mixing grout plants for applications that require colloidal mixing like dams, tunnels, post-tensioning, underground mining and many heavy construction jobs.

Colloidal grout plant
includes a high speed mixer, an agitator and one pump. Fully hydraulic and operates from one convenient location. Unique pumping design allows the pump to run all day without causing any damage.

LGP500/700/100 PI-D with mixer volume 500L, agitator volume 700L, pump max flow 100L/min, max pressure 50bar is widely used in Ethiopia.
Colloidal grout plant in Ethiopia is high-quality and user-friendly. Little wear and tear and low maintenance costs during working. Grout plant is suitable for all grouting applications with cement and ultra fine cement. It is also suitable for bentonite suspensions for microtunnelling, pipe jacking and directional drilling. 

colloidal grout plant


compact colloidal grout plant


colloidal grout plant in Ethiopia


Ethiopia grout plant

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