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Hose peristaltic pump manufactures from China

2017-05-25 15:01:14

Hose peristaltic pump is mainly applied in distant conveying, grouting, and dosing of viscous slurries in construction, mining, food, papermaking, ceramic, etc. Where to buy the high quality china hose perstaltic pump in China?

China hose peristaltic pump manufacture 

Lead Equipment hose pump will be your best choose. Compared with common factory peristaltic pump, Gaode hose pump has the below advantages:

1.There is a patented technology in our hose pump: the extrusion wheel of hose pump and magnitude of interference of hosepipe can be accurately adjusted.

Magnitude of interference between extrusion wheel and hosepipe determines the extruding force and frictional force on the hosepipe, thus affect the service life of pipe. If the magnitude of interference is too high, it will make hosepipe distortion gravely. Thus reduce the service life. It the magnitude of interference is too low, it will reduce the quantity of flow. Our technology can accurately adjust the magnitude of interference, and very easy to operate, so it can improve the service life greatly.

Hose peristaltic pump

2. There is concave at the pipe clamp of both inlet and outlet, which can prevent waggle of pipe joint from the situation of shake and pressure impact. All of this makes it secure connection and reliable sealing.

Hose pump concave at the pipe clamp

3. Our reduction gears adopt the technology of SEW. We adopt K series heavy duty reducer gear, compared with others, our reducer is safer, reliable and long working life.

4. We are the main supplier of China Railway Group. China Railway Group is a state-owned enterprise and also is the No.1 manufacturer of shield tunneling machine (TBM) in China. They have a strict requirement of quality to us.

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