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What are safety precautions when using the wet shotcrete machines for coal mine

2018-06-02 18:19:11

When wet shotcrete machines are used in coal mine, what safety precautions need to be taken care of?

wet shotcrete machine for coal mine

1. The safety sign management components, important components, and raw materials that are provided in the jet engine are all made up of components or materials that meet the requirements of the standard. The user must not replace it arbitrarily during use. When they need to be replaced, they should use components or raw materials that meet the requirements of the relevant standards.

2. When the sneeze operation is performed, the host operator should observe the pressure of the air pressure gauge at any time. If the pressure is abnormally high, the feeding should be stopped. After the air path is working properly, normal operation is performed.

3. When a sneeze operation occurs, if a blockage fault occurs, immediately close the main air circuit, cut off the drive motor power supply, check the hopper feed system and remove the fault, then open the air manual valve and clear the excess material in the feed line. , Finally press the boot operation program to restart, enter the normal operation.

4. When jetting, it is necessary to prevent large metal blocks, such as bolts and nuts, from entering the material cavity to avoid damaging the machine.

5. The concrete jet of this machine is powered by compressed air. When it is used, the inlet air pressure must not exceed 0.5 MPa; when shutting down, the intake valve should be closed reliably to prevent the automatic opening of the injection system and cause casualties.

6. The compressed air hose connected to the machine shall meet the requirements of the coal industry standard. The connection with the machine shall be firm and reliable, and prevent accidental loosening or sudden explosion of the joint resulting in casualties.

7. The sound pressure level of the concrete injection unit is 85dB (A), and the hazard to the human body should be valued, and products with relatively low noise should be selected. In order to comply with the noise protection regulations in the "Coal Mine Safety Regulations", when using concrete jets, the operating time should be strictly controlled.

8. When the machine is working in a coal mine, it is necessary to pay attention to the observation of the condition of the roof at all times to prevent the operator from accidentally injuring the roof by causing the roof to fall or the falling of the rubble or the gangs.

9. The cable connected to this unit shall be a product that meets the requirements of the coal industry standards and has a permit for the use of safety signs for mining products. Coal mine underground cable connection with the machine should be solid and reliable, prevent serious accidents caused by improper cable connection.

10. The chassis of the machine is a rail-wheel type structure. When it is connected to a mine car, it must be connected with connecting bolts and connecting chains that meet the coal industry standards and have a license for the use of mine safety signs in order to avoid accidents such as rolling cars and sports cars.

11. The motor of the machine is a mine flameproof type. The use and maintenance of underground coal mines must comply with the relevant provisions of the "Coal Mine Safety Regulations" and other products. The replacement must use products with a mining product safety mark permit and explosion-proof certificate.

12. The machine's rubber bonded board, rubber material cavity, rubber elbow, and sand blasting pipe are made of non-metal. The safety performance of the material should meet the requirements of the coal industry standards, and there is a statutory inspection agency's qualified inspection certificate. Do not arbitrarily change or use the accessories of other companies.

13. There is a continuous rotating rotor at the lower part of the feed inlet of the machine, and no personnel can insert the feed inlet. When disassembling the rotor, it must be stopped to prevent the rotor from hurting people.

14. The working medium of the local speed reduction system uses mineral oil, and the working oil temperature must not exceed 65°C. In order to prevent fire caused by the use of mineral oil, it is forbidden to work under the state of oil leakage in the deceleration system; mineral oil leaking in the downhole workplace should be promptly cleaned or buried.

15. The local injection mechanism, feeding mechanism, and accelerating agent injection mechanism all have rotating rotors, and the personnel should not touch the rotor parts. When disassembling the rotor, it must be stopped to prevent the rotor from hurting people.

16. Accelerating agent pump safety valve has been adjusted at the factory, and it is strictly prohibited to adjust at will. 

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