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Wet mix shotcrete machine

2016-11-22 16:13:16

What is the difference between dry spray process and wet spray process? What are the advantages and disadvantages of wet mix shotcrete machine?

Wet spray process is to aggregate, cement and water mixing ratio according to the design uniform, with a wet mix shotcrete machine to the nozzle pressure, and then added in the nozzle after the quick-setting agent spray. The quality of wet shotcrete is easy to control, and the dust and springback are small in the jetting process. It is a jetting process that should be developed and applied, but it has high requirements on jetting machine, mechanical cleaning and trouble-shooting.

The Difference between dry spray process and wet spray process:

1. In the hole mixing dry spray process without water, forming a solid mixture. The wet spray process must be in accordance with the ratio of water, the formation of the fluid mixture.

2. Due to the two processes in the formation of the mixture in the formation of different forms of transportation, resulting in its mode of transport is not the same, dry spray mixture transportation requirements are relatively simple, with shuttle ore or mine carts can transport, and wet spray Must use the track concrete transportation vehicle.

3. The addition of quick-setting agent is different. Dry spray process with a solid quick-setting agent. The wet spray process with a liquid quick-setting agent, two quick-setting agent price gap.

4. The use of different jet equipment. Dry spray process is the use of dry spray machine, wet spray process is the use of wet spray machine, the price gap between the two devices.

5. Injection equipment, feeding in different ways, because the dry spray with a solid mixture. It must be artificial feeding, and wet spray because it is a concrete tanker, so the equipment can be directly docked, without artificial feeding.

Wet spray and dry spray process mainly from the above aspects of distinction, does not mean that the construction operation in the use of wet spray machine is considered wet spray operation.

The advantages and disadvantages of wet spraying machine:

(1) Advantages:
① Sealed structure, reducing the degree of dust pollution, dust is small.
② Small amount of rebound, saving materials.
③ As the concrete has been mixed before the spray, to ensure that the mix of concrete, thus ensuring the quality of concrete.

(2) Disadvantages:
① Piston-type wet spray machine prices high.
② Wet concrete transportation of the mixture is too much trouble.
wet mix gunite machine

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