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Wear-resistant steel line used 250kg refractory pan mixer

2023-09-24 15:25:37

Wear-resistant steel line used 250kg refractory pan mixer is used for mixing refractory materials, castables, friction materials, chemical materials, precast concrete, mortar, aggregate mixing and glass materials, etc. Refractory pan mixer can also be used with refractory wet spray concrete machine for refractory spraying project in steel industry.

250kg refractory pan mixer for wear-resistant steel line

steel plant used 250kg refractory pan mixer

Wear-resistant steel line used refractory pan mixer is different from ordinary mixers in that the bottom and wall of refractory pan mixer have high wear-resistant lining plates and high wear-resistant stirring blades, which greatly improves the service life. Five pieces of mixing arms for different purposes, respectively for the bottom of the mixing drum, the wall and the shaft. The stirring effect is also better than that of ordinary mixers. Steel plant used refractory pan mixer adopts helical bevel gear motor, heavy load and strong bearing capacity.
250kg refractory pan mixer for special mixing of refractory, powder, gypsum, shotcrete, casting materials.

wear-resistant steel line used refractory pan mixer

Wear-resistant steel line used 250kg refractory pan mixer features:
1. Push-button stop/start with safety barrier and limit switch for automatic cut-off.
2. Mixers are supplied with (pre-wired) starter, overload and isolation switches.
3. The mixer discharge is self-cleaning.
4. Automatic metering and automatic water addition.
5. Right angle drive with low discharge height.
6. The pan bottom and walls are lined with easily replaceable wear sections.
According to the different mixing capacity, refractory pan mixer can be divided into 100kg, 250kg, 300kg, 500kg, 800kg, 1000kg. We can make special designs and provide the best solution. Top design team, sales team, production team, shipping team and after-sales team. If you need to buy a wear-resistant steel line used 250kg refractory pan mixer, please choose a reliable refractory pan mixer supplier from China, you can directly email us to contact us and get quotation, information, video, etc. Email address:

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