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Cost of grouting injection machine

2021-02-22 17:32:37

Cost of grouting injection machine
Lead Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of grouting injection machine for building construction. We have many different kinds of grouting injection machine, piston grout pump, plunger grout pump, squeeze type grout pump. High pressure grout pump, medium pressure grout pump and low pressure grout pump.
grouting injection machine
Injecting is using pressure to make could consolidated slurry inject geotechnical cracks or cracks in the building by boring, then improve its physical mechanics performance, injecting also was known as grouting in water conservancy and hydropower.
1. Seepage control: reduce the permeability of rock and soil, eliminate or reduce the osmotic quantity under water, reduce the engineering stress and pore water pressure, Improve the ability of rock and soil resistance seepage deformation. Such as engineering dam, abutment and dam grouting anti-seepage treatment.
2. Water plugging: truncation water flow, improve engineering construction and operation condition. Such as water leaking of leaking for well wall and other underground engineering.
3. The consolidation: to improve soil or the mechanical properties of structure, recovery its integrity.
4. To prevent landslide: improving geotechnical slope sliding resistance.
5. To reduce surface subsidence: reduce or homogenize the compressibility of rock and soil, improve its inhomogeneity.
6. Improve the foundation bearing capacity: increase the strength of the geotechnical mechanics.
7. Backfill: filling hollow structure, rock and soil mass crack, prevent collapse, improve the mechanical condition of structure
8. Reinforcement: recover structure integrity and mechanical properties.
There are many types of grouting injection machine: hose type grout pump, piston grout pump, plunger grout pump, screw grout pump. Could be widely used in tunnels grouting, blocking water in mine mining face; grouting and sealing water in rock roadway and concrete shaft wall; tunnel crack, broken rock mass, reinforcement of scattered rock; anchoring; backfill grouting and prevent surface subsidence, prevent landslides, correct grouting of building deflections, etc.

grout pump application
Some electric cement grouting pump including the remote control functions, this allows the end user to grasp the working status of the grouting injection machine on the ground at any time. This could ensure that the machine can complete the grouting task safely and steadily.
Whether it is building or repairing paving roads, we must do the most basic grouting tasks. Or there may easily collapse. Usually the previous grouting work has been difficult. While now you don't have to worry about the cost of grouting injection machine. You just need to pay more attention to its quality and steady. The grouting pump is quite important during the grouting projects.
Our grouting injection machine with following features and advantages:
1. Compact structure and light-weight.
2. Simple operations via control panel.
3. Adopted reversible valve and valve sheet for long maintenance cycle.
4. Easy maintenance is at the job site.
5. No special tool for disassembling.
6. Newly developed Auto lubrication system.
7. Extends maintenance cycles are for plungers and packings.
8. Slurry discharge volume is finely adjustable by the Speed control dial.

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