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Ultra high performance concrete mixer from China

2022-04-12 18:20:24

According to the mixing process of planetary mixing, the ultra-high-performance concrete mixer can be used in ultra-high-performance concrete quickly and with high quality. The advantages of this mixer are obvious.

Ultra high performance concrete mixer

There are many models of ultra-high-performance concrete mixers designed by Leadcrete, and the processing capacity can meet various production scales. The small 50L ultra-high performance concrete mixer can be described as a mixer with more accurate operation and operation provided by scientific research institutions. The large-scale 1000L, 2000L and 3000L are used in various engineering stations and the production of UHPC ultra-high performance concrete prefabricated parts (wall panels), with high production capacity. , Strong load capacity.

UHPC concrete mixer

The frame of the ultra-high performance concrete mixer is designed with a vertical shaft disc type. This design satisfies the space required for planetary operation, so that the concrete mixer can exert high homogeneous mixing performance, and the reasonable space design will not appear mixing dead corners. The problem of sticking to the wall is effectively solved by the side scraper.
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