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Trelleborg squeeze hose

2023-05-08 18:38:31

Trelleborg squeeze hose is a well-known brand that produces high-quality squeeze hose pumps. These pumps are commonly used in various industries such as mining, wastewater treatment and construction because they can handle abrasive materials and provide a steady flow with minimal maintenance requirements. Trelleborg squeeze hose pumps are especially effective when pumping viscous slurries and fluids with high solids content. If your application requires a reliable pump, it may be wise to consider a Trelleborg squeeze hose pump.

hose of Pulsor P2

squeeze hose for hose pump

Trelleborg squeeze hose is mainly composed of inner rubber layer, middle rubber layer, 2, 4 or 6 layers of steel wire winding reinforcement layer and outer rubber layer. The inner rubber layer has the function of maintaining the pressure of the conveying medium and protecting the steel wire from erosion. The outer layer protects the steel wire from damage, and the steel wire layer (φ0.3--2.0 reinforced wire) layer is the reinforcement of the skeleton material.

squeeze hose for peristaltic pump

squeeze hose

1. Trelleborg P2 hose is made of special synthetic rubber, which has excellent oil resistance, heat resistance and aging resistance.
2. High voltage and superior pulse performance.
3. The tube body is tightly combined, soft and compressed.
4. The squeeze hose has excellent bending resistance and fatigue resistance.
5. The steel wire wound rubber hose is 20 meters, and it can be made according to requirements within 50 meters.

Trelleborg hose

Trelleborg P2 hose

Trelleborg squeeze hose

Applications for Trelleborg extruded hoses:
1. Mining industry: squeeze hose for hose pump conveying filler during mining, ore pulp during smelting; viscous pulp, tunnel drainage, water-absorbing agent and mortar.
2. Chemical industry: acid, alkali, phosphate slurry, titanium dioxide and other inorganic salt materials; crystal liquid, suspension, emulsion, resin, mud and various acid and alkali liquids.
3. Phosphate fertilizer, compound fertilizer: spray granulation, transportation of coarse grain slurry and settled sludge; quantitative transportation of laboratory liquid.
4. Sewage treatment: transportation of sludge slurry and lime slurry; transportation of mud or crude oil in petroleum industry or drilling.
5. Ceramic industry: transportation of ceramic slurry, mud and glaze.
6. Paper industry: transportation of pulp and sulfur pulp.
7. Cosmetics: toothpaste, milk, hair conditioner, face cream, face oil, etc.
8. Construction: deep pit sewage, water, cement slurry, concrete grouting material, ceiling coating, etc.
9. Electroplating, electrolysis: electroplating solution, electrolyte, anode slime, precipitation.
10. Food industry: transportation of oil and beverages.
11. Pharmaceutical industry: transportation of various liquid medicines.
12. Gold smelting: gold slurry and tailings.
13. Other industries: squeeze hose for peristaltic pump pumping radioactive waste, electrolytic waste, metal waste liquid, paint, textile auxiliaries, adhesives, glue, emulsion, refractory fiber and other liquids with high sealing requirements, high viscosity and many particles.

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