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Squeeze peristaltic pumps for sale to Thailand

2019-12-25 14:32:28

Squeeze peristaltic pumps for sale to Thailand

Squeeze peristaltic pump manufacturer LEC is a leading professional company in China that develops, produces and sells extruded peristaltic pumps. It is a strong manufacturer that has obtained ISO 9001: 2008, SGS and CE certificates in China. Many customers choose our Squeeze the peristaltic pump. Our industrial hose pumps have been exported to Thailand, South Africa, USA, Canada, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, South Korea, Bahrain and Nepal. The export value does not exceed USD2000,000.00. Among them, Thailand is one of our most loyal customers. We have more than 200 squeeze peristaltic pumps for sale to our Thai customers every year.

industrial peristaltic pump

In August, a Thai customer sent us an inquiry about a squeeze peristaltic pump that pumped bentonite slurry at a speed of 30m3 / h and also told us that he requested a conveying distance of 200m. This requires a very powerful pump, the pressure should reach 30bar.
Generally, Chinese hoses cannot meet the demand, so we have customized imported hoses for our customers and designed a pump operating pressure of 26 bar to meet customer output needs. We successfully customized the LH100 squeeze peristaltic pump for customers and sold it to Thailand. Our LH100 squeeze peristaltic pump performed well in Thailand and the Thai customers gave us good feedback.

Leadcrete squeeze peristaltic pumps for sale

squeeze peristaltic pumps

LH100 squeeze peristaltic pump to Thailand for sale is large in size, very powerful at work, stable in performance and long in service life. Compared with other types of pumps, it has its unique advantages that cannot be ignored:
1. Squeeze peristaltic pump has strong self-priming ability, unique structure, no leakage will not occur in the sealed form, and it meets the requirements of the job site management requirements.
2. It can transport high-viscosity media, and it can also transport mixed media of gas, liquid, and solid; it can also transport corrosive slurry, sludge, etc. containing a large number of particles or other impurities.
3. The medium has low flow velocity and no shear force, which is especially suitable for conveying materials sensitive to shear force;
4. Adjust the flow rate by adjusting the speed of the pump, and the outlet pressure of the pump is basically unchanged.
5. When the speed is constant, adjusting the outlet valve can change the outlet pressure of the pump and the flow rate is basically unchanged, so the pump can be used as a metering pump.
6. When changing different hose materials, it can be applied to different media.

peristaltic pump used in Thailand for tunnel project

LEC squeeze peristaltic pump manufacturers have the most professional squeeze peristaltic pump R & D team. If you need a squeeze peristaltic pump, please tell us your required output capacity and working pressure, and what is the local voltage; we can customize it for you Suitable voltage motor. If your work location is remote and it is not convenient to obtain power, we can also provide you with a diesel squeeze peristaltic pump.
Don't hesitate, please feel free to send us a message, we will answer your questions as soon as

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