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Hot sale industrial hose pump manufacturer

2019-12-25 14:14:08

Hot sale industrial hose pump manufacturer

Lead Equipment is a manufacturer of industrial hose pump. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R & D, innovation, manufacturing, sales and service. The main products include peristaltic pumps, industrial hose pumps, hose pump hoses, etc. Based on the principles of honesty and professional management, we are continuously making progress, pioneering and innovating. After years of hard work, our industrial hose pumps are very popular in many industries such as power, chemical, petroleum, environmental protection, metallurgy, coal mining, food, pharmaceutical, and many other industries Popular and has been well received by customers at home and abroad for many years.

hose pump factory

Hot sale Lead Equipment industrial hose pumps are composed of hoses, rollers mounted on the rotor, and the pump casing. When the rotor is rotated, the inner cavity of the hose formed by the rollers and the pump casing is gradually increased from the beginning of the formation, this cavity The body is in a state of liquid absorption. When the rotor is turned to squeeze the hose, the liquid that has entered the cavity is squeezed loose by the roller to the closed cavity. When the rotor continues to roll, this part of the liquid is squeezed to the pump outlet. In the communicating cavity, and then discharged from the pump. The rotor continuously rotates to form a continuous "creep" of the hose, which continuously transports liquid from the low-pressure inlet of the pump to the high-pressure outlet. During the entire transfer process, only the hose contacts the material to prevent Pollution. The hose is the only wearing part, and it can be reused only after replacing the hose at a later stage, reducing maintenance costs.

industrial hose  pump for mining

Hot sale Lead Equipment industrial hose pumps can be used in many industries because of their unique performance and structure, including the following industries:

Construction: conveying and spraying of mortar and concrete

Pharmacy: Transportation of corrosive and toxic substances Textile mill: Transportation of fibers, liquids, dyes and wastewater

Dye manufacturing: paint, paint and pigment delivery

Water treatment: transporting water and wastewater

Paper: conveying pulp, pigments and glues

Mining: Conveying mineral waste

Ceramics: Conveying glazes and pigments

Beer and beverages: transfer of beer, wine, milk, juice, cooking oil, additives and food residues

Underground engineering: transporting mud, pumping TBM bentonite, pumping tunnel construction machinery, pumping or grouting bentonite with hose pumps.

industrial hose  pump


LH76-770B Peristaltic Hose Pump

Since 1998, Lead Equipment manufacturer of industrial hose pump has been providing industrial hose pump head production and processing (OEM) for a well-known industrial hose pump manufacturer in the United States. Lead Equipment hose pumps are exported to the United States, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Central and South America and other countries and regions. It is a supplier of BAUER, Sinopec and well-known domestic shield machine manufacturers. Lead Equipment has been specialized in the research, development, production and sales of industrial hose pumps for many years. Now it has formed a very complete product line with dozens of models, working pressure range 0.6-3MPa, and displacement range 0.01-50 cubic meters. Each hour, the material of the extruded pipe can be provided according to customer requirements NR (industrial grade, food grade), NBR and EPDM, which can meet the requirements of customers for hose pumps in different regions and different projects. At the same time, we can also provide customers with customized services to maximize the manufacture of the most suitable industrial hose pumps to assist customers in completing projects.

squeeze hose pump

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