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Spray force plaster pump for sale

2018-10-26 10:13:54

Our company combines years of mortar pump production experience with advanced technology at home and abroad.
One of the new series of
spray force plaster pump products developed. The machine is widely used in construction mortar transportation, geotechnical grouting, and large-area spraying. Its main features are no pulse, high working pressure, large flow, high production efficiency, convenient operation, safe and reliable. It is easier to maintain, compact, and flexible.
The machine also adopts cam type transmission, the piston structure is automatically controlled and set, the flow rate is large, the service life is long, and the mortar with the ratio of 1:2:3.5 can be conveyed. The performance quality of the product has reached the leading level of the international peers.

spray plaster pump

Plaster pump for sale
uses piston-type slurry feeding, and the two-cylinder reciprocating operation can fully transport various mortars in building applications. This machine has the characteristics of large displacement, high pressure, labor saving, and flexible movement. It is an ideal mortar conveying equipment. Scope of application: Widely used in the transportation of high-rise building ash mortar, various pressure grouting in reservoirs, hydropower stations, ports and wharfs, basic treatment, grouting in soft foundation reinforcement, backfill grouting anchor support in tunnels, subways and mine construction. Product Features Mortar pump is a pump that can adapt to various working conditions, such as conveying acid, alkaline liquid or slurry. Machine is mainly designed for high-tech products for some special construction conditions or narrow space construction conditions due to the limitation of equipment size, resulting in inconvenient construction or difficult to complete the construction progress.

Causes and treatment of pipe blocking

In the mortar transportation and spraying process, the mortar is blocked due to various reasons. Generally, there are several reasons. The plugging tube generally occurs at the beginning of use. The first time every day, it is necessary to add water to lubricate the pipeline, and hit a bucket of cement slurry to bring the material to live, and then start normal spraying. The mortar stays in the pipeline for too long and causes the pipe to be blocked.
The main reason is that the mortar will be initially set for a long time to stop, causing the flow to decrease and the pipe is blocked. Generally, the machine is stopped for about 30 minutes and the machine is started for 5 to 10 seconds to allow the mortar to flow. Just fine. The pipe plugging phenomenon caused by excessive pressure during spraying is too long when the spraying speed is too high, and the pressure is too high when the height is too high.
The other is that the foreign matter in the nozzle is blocked, and the pressure in the mortar pipe is raised, causing bleeding at the interface. Phenomenon, resulting in blockage phenomenon, this phenomenon is generally a precursor to the phenomenon of pipe blocking, the flow rate is significantly reduced during the spraying process, and the working pressure is gradually rising, then the staff should stop in time, the pipe is generally discharged in the early stage The cleaning of the mouth and the joint is relatively simple.
If the pipeline is seriously blocked if it is not stopped in time, it can only be cleaned by washing the pipeline with water. Select the appropriate hose to rinse right down. If you want to know about
spray plaster pump, please contact us freely.

plaster pump for sale

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