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Solutions to Common Faults in Hose Pump Operation

2018-05-29 11:54:31

In the work of the hose pump sometimes there will be some failures, these failures mainly include the following: 1. Squeezing tube burst pipe, 2. The flow is not enough, 3. The pressure is not enough, 4. Extrusion work wear too fast, 5. Pump head abnormal noise, 6. Reducer has abnormal noise. How can we solve these problems?

1. Squeeze tube appears squib is due to the pump outlet pressure is too large, it should be the entire transmission pipeline or the front of the transmission blockage or plugging, to check the entire pipeline, to ensure that the pipeline is open, then observe If the pressure at the outlet of the pump still exceeds the rated pressure, the clearance of the squeezing wheel should be adjusted, and the gap between the squeezing wheels should be increased to reduce the working pressure.

2. The lack of flow refers to the pump's delivery flow is less than the flow requirements of the work required, this is due to the squeeze wheel gap is somewhat large, only in the work of squeezing the tube when the small amount of interference is only the return flow of the fluid, so the export flow is reduced to not To requirements, it should be adjusted to reduce the squeeze wheel gap.

3. The pressure at the outlet of the pump cannot reach the pressure required by the work. At this time, the material that is more involved will directly flow back from the extrusion tube, thus failing to meet the requirements of the work. The clearance of the extrusion wheel should be adjusted to adjust the clearance of the extrusion wheel. Smaller, increase the squeeze interference of the squeeze tube and increase the pressure of the body.

4. If the squeezing tube wears faster than the normal wear, abnormal wear may have occurred. In this case, the lubrication condition of the squeezing tube should be checked first. If grease is applied regularly, check whether the squeezing wheel and the recovery wheel are in use. Normal rotation, if the squeezing wheel or the recovery wheel jams or does not rotate properly, it will also accelerate the wear of the squeeze tube.

5. Pump head abnormal sound occurs, this time should stop the inspection, may be due to the sound of a recovery wheel bearing broken sound, it may also be the drive shaft spindle bearing damage, the entire drive disk appears unbalanced force produces a sound, if A similar situation occurs to replace new parts.

6. Speed ​​reducer abnormal sound, check whether the reducer has been replaced according to the specified time, whether the amount of fuel to achieve the required amount of oil, these are abnormal noise after inspection may be gear reducer gear problems, then should contact reducer manufacturers to find Professionals overhaul. 

solutions to common faults in hose pump operation

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