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Foam concrete machine for sound insulation layer

2018-05-28 14:58:21

Light weight concrete - or foam concrete - is a versatile material which consists primarily of a cement based mortar mixed with at least 20% of volume air. It possesses high flow ability, low self-weight, minimal consumption of aggregate, controlled low strength and excellent thermal insulation properties. It can have a range of dry densities, typically from 400kg/m3 to 1600 kg/m3 and a range of compressive strengths, 1MPa to 15MPa.

Foam Concrete can be placed easily, by pumping if necessary, and does not require compaction, vibrating or leveling. It has excellent resistance to water and frost, and provides a high level of both sound and thermal insulation.

Cellular concrete does not possess unique or significant sound insulation characteristics. Foamed concrete is stated to be less effective than dense concrete in resisting the transmission of air-borne sound because the Transmission Loss (TL) of air-borne sound is dependent on mass law, which is a product of frequency and surface density of the component.  We attributed the TL to the rigidity and internal resistance of the wall, in addition to the mass law and give an acoustical performance design of cellular concrete based on bulk density and thickness. Sound transmission of a cellular concrete wall, over most of the audible frequency range may be higher by 2-3% as be compared to normal weight concrete. While dense concrete tends to deflect sound, foam concrete absorbs it, and hence the foam concrete has higher sound absorption capacity.

LD10S is our most hot sale middle scale foam concrete machine, very suitable for sound insulation layer project. It is specially designed with wireless remote control system to make it very easy to operation. 

LD10S foam concrete machine for sound insulation layer

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