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Shotcrete machine used for tunneling, swimming pools and repair

2016-11-05 17:58:22

Shotcrete machine is ideal for ground support in tunneling and mining. It provides early ground support after blasting or excavating, early strength development, which provides flexibility to allow for ground stabilization and stress relief, and offers the ability to conform to the natural irregular profile of the ground without formwork, which makes it ideal for any tunnel. It is also the preferred material/ process for underground stations, side drifts, shops, etc., and provides long-term stability — it can be used as a final or permanent lining for underground structures.

shotcrete machine for tunneling

Swimming pools were first built using shotcrete in the 1930s. Shotcrete is especially suited for pools with many curves, as it is shot against excavated soil, eliminating the cost of forms. The flexibility of placement that shotcrete affords allows every pool owner to have a uniquely shaped pool. Shotcrete pools are watertight, durable, attractive and economical.

shotcrete machine for swimming pool

Repair and restoration of concrete is one of the fastest growing segments of the construction industry. This growth is not restricted to infrastructure, but extends to the private and industrial sectors. From tanks and pools, to chemical and automotive, to retaining walls and highway structures, the opportunities are endless. Shotcreting is often the best alternative when repair and restoration are being contemplated, and can be the ideal application method for both reinforced and non-reinforced construction.

shotcrete machine used for repairing

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