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How does shotcrete machine shut down correctly

2017-07-31 11:33:22

After a day of operation, shotcrete machine will enter the "rest" state. Although it is necessary to end the operation, but we still should not be relaxed, we must give today's work to draw a satisfactory full stop.

So how do you stop it correctly?

1. Stop, the delivery of the remaining material blowing out.

2. When the pipeline is clean, no material from the nozzle when the spray, and then close the nozzle at the water valve.

3. And finally closed the main duct valve.

4. A brief interruption of jet operations when the mix can be retained in the hopper.

5. For a long time pause or spray the end of the operation, the first stop feeding, so that the machine continues to run until the hopper and the residue in the rotor until the end, while adding a little wet sand and the rotor material in the material Cleaning jet out. 

shotcrete machine

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