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Shotcrete machine supporting job safety rules

2016-07-21 19:16:08

First, shotcrete support workers must master the operating procedures specified in the roadway, supporting forms and supporting technical parameters and quality standards, the use of skilled work tool, and can carry out inspection and maintenance.

Second, the rotating spraying machine, spraying is prohibited hands or tools into the machine.

Third, shotcrete precautions

1. once sprayed concrete thickness less than the design requirements, should be graded injection, but can’t re-spray intervals over two hours, otherwise the application by spraying high-pressure water washing face.

2. in case of ultra-low recess cut or cracks, fill spray should be smooth, then normal injection.

3. non-alignment of the nozzle staff.

4. the injection process, such as clogging, stop the wind power outage or failure, should immediately turn off the water gate, the nozzle is placed down, such as to prevent the flow conveying the customs; dealing with congestion, take percussion method dredge material hoses, gun ports It was prohibited in front of and near.

5. the injection process, spraying machine gauge sudden rise or fall, when the wobble abnormality, should immediately stop inspection.

6. strict implementation of measures dust and dust spray, spray personnel should wear dust masks, latex gloves and glasses.

7. after the end of the injection operation, sprayed layer within 7 days watering once per shift, seven days, watering once a day coal, continued conservation 28 days.

8. sprayed concrete aggregate mix should be allowed on the ground.

9. metal buckle connection distance, network wire specifications conform to the rules of the job.

10. regular concrete strength testing, unqualified support area must be reinforced.

Fourth, the Operational Readiness

1. required to check on the construction of wind, water, electricity, spraying machine is intact, with or without leakage, leakage, leakage phenomenon.

2. check the temporary support to clean up floating gangue, leveling the workplace.

3. according to the waist section of the hair tunnel inspection specifications, quality, clear base, digging the end of the root, deal with substandard parts.

4. conveying pipe must be straight, without sharp bends, joints must be tight, can not air leakage. It is forbidden to do non-antistatic plastic pipe conveying pipe use.

Fifth, the order of operations

1. Gather the construction equipment and materials

2. quality and safety inspection, handling dangerous rock partings suspended

3. fill spray

4. hit the eye bolt, pressing the net, networking

5. re-spray

6. inspection, the supporting quality, clean up the construction site.

7. shotcrete

(1) open air, adjust the amount of water, wind, air pressure to ensure that not less than 0.4 MPa.

(2) injection-hand operation nozzle, rinse under since the oh rock surface.

(3) power transmission, open spraying machine, mixer, feeding shotcrete.

(4) feeding again adjust the air volume according to the water to ensure spot spray surface have nothing to do, no flow.

(5) order after bottom-spray hand segmented arch of the first wall is injected.

(6) when the spray nozzle should be as vertical as possible by spraying the surface, the angle of not less than 70 °.

(7) by the spray nozzle from the surface to maintain 0.6 ~ 1.0m.

(8) when the injection nozzle should spiral trajectory, moving slowly by 200 ~ 300mm, semi-circle method of pressure around the uniform diameter.

(9) At the end of spraying, according to the first stop after the feed water supply, power again, the last airlock sequential operation.

Six, finishing work

1. the end of the injection operation, breaking sprinklers, cleaning water jet ring and the inner or the outer mortar material, the disc good wind pipes.

2. cleaning, rebound was collected, and the duty of the net or used as spices pouring ditch aggregate.

3. beginning two hours after the sprayed concrete sprinkler maintenance, 28 days after coring the detected intensity.

4. after the class finished spraying slurry, the control switch handle hit zero, and lockout, open spraying machine to clean up inside and outside the health, make shift ready. 

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