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Shotcrete machine operations dust and rebound control methods

2016-07-07 13:54:44

It is understood that the new shotcrete machine in today's social development is very fast, the new shotcrete machine with its high technology, high-quality advantage to quickly get people's trust to solve the traditional method of spraying material and operating the jet construction of a large amount of dust in the slurry, the amount of springback more serious air pollution and the working environment and other issues, and the new shotcrete machine in the event when it set off a storm, so people crazy, shotcrete machine during the operation of certain to pay attention to many matters, the purpose is to avoid security problems in life method, shotcrete machine in the job dust and rebound control:

1. Control once sprayed layer thickness, in order to avoid a sprayed layer is too thick to produce a fall.

2. Strict control of working pressure jet, in order to avoid a large number of sprinklers at the spread of dust.

3. Control of aggregate size and sand rate ratio to meet the requirements.

4. Composite efficient water-reducing type accelerator, increasing the viscosity of the sprayed concrete, can greatly reduce the dust and rebound.

5. Control spray nozzle and the surface that is the best distance in the range of 0.6 ~ 1.2m, spray angle to the vertical rock face better. It does not allow greater than 45°.

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