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Hydraulic hydroseeding machine for sale

2022-02-24 16:57:01

Hydraulic hydroseeding machine for sale
The hydroseeding machine is an advanced vegetation greening equipment, which is divided into a guest soil sprayer and a hydraulic sprayer. It was first introduced from abroad and quickly used in the national highway greening industry, mining project, slope green project, etc.

hydroseeder application

With the development of spraying machine technology, our company has fully possessed the capability of independent research. The spraying machine produced can be widely used in the slope greening of highways and railways, slope protection, mountain management, mine greening Desert control, landfill disposal and other projects. Leadcrete has many models mixing tank capacity of hydroseeding machine, for example 3000L, 6000L, 8000L, 15000L, if you need a bigger or smaller one, we can provide you with professional customization.

hydroseeder for sale

Grass seeds, fertilizer, wood fibre, binder slurry, water retaining agent etc. are mixed with water in a mixing container to form a gel-like mixed slurry using a specially built hydroseeding machine unit, and then sprays this slurry on the area to be treated via a high pressure pump system.

Hydroseeding equipment
allows seed to be planted by spraying it over prepared ground. The process is also referred to as hydraulic mulch seeding hydro-mulching, and hydro seeding.




Hydraulic hydroseeding machine for sale


Hydroseeding machine can be used to spray embankments and flat areas. The hydroseeding machine is used to spray a mixture of grass seeds, wood fibre and fertilizer on a steep slope to help prevent soil erosion. Before hydraulic seeding is carried out, some necessary steps are needed to basically maintain the ground, such as fiber mulch, fertilizer, and watering to increase planting yield.
We could offer customize hydroseeding machine service, such as make the hydroseeding machine with trailer, make the tank volume more bigger etc.


hydroseeding machine supplier

This hydroseeding machine has wide usage, not only can be applied in spraying planting for rice, grass, tress, flowers, seeds and other crops, but also in irrigation, fertilize, pesticide spraying and other daily care, soil improvement work.

hydroseeding machine for sale

Hydroseeding equipment is widely used in spray grass seed, slope stabilization and landscaping, highway slope protection projects, planting grass by spraying seeds, flat areas greening, etc. Applications cost less than regular dry ground applications that have to be covered by straw. In addition, hydroseeding saves time. In one spray you get seed, mulch, and the first watering.
Diesel engine hydroseeders with different tank capacity from 1000L to 15000L are produced by us. 

hydroseeding machine for highway slope protection projects

For more information, please email us. We also could install the wheels for the hydroseeding machine to make it move freely on your work site. Email address:

hydroseeder for sale

hydroseeding machine




hydroseeding equipment

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