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LEC Shotcrete Machines for sale in Philippines

2022-05-23 17:44:07

20th, November our Philippines customer sent us an email for inquiry shotcrete machine price Philippines, after confirm the customer’s demands about the shotcrete equipment, we recommend LZ-9 diesel shotcrete machine and price to him in Philippines. The customer was very satisfied with our shotcrete machine price and place order. 
Our shotcrete machine has been designed especially for fibre spraying and concrete spraying operation, it can be used for large-section tunnel building, mine, swimming pool, subway, underground engineering works, high-methane laneway of coal mine, slope project, civil engineering etc. 

The following photos were taken when we delivered shotcrete machine to Philippines:
diesel shotcrete machine for sale in Philippines

There are many Philippines customers inquiry
Lead Equipment shotcrete machine. In order to develop our shotcrete equipment sale market in Philippine, we would like to find one local contractor or dealer to agent our shotcrete equipment and sell it. 
If you are interested or need Lead Equipment shotcrete machines, gunite machine or concrete spraying machine and want become our shotcre machine agent in Philippines, please contact freely for more detailed information. Leadcrete shotcrete equipment has professional production team, production line, experienced technical experts who has more than 20 years experience, we are looking forward to your joining!

Lead Equipment shotcrete machines 

Philippines Shotcrete Machines

Shotcrete equipment are divided into dry mix shotcrete machine and wet mix shotcrete machine according to differents praying process.

dry mix shotcrete machine process


wet mix shotcrete machine process

Dry mix shotcrete machines are commonly used in outdoor projects such as bridge repairs, swimming pools, slope protection, etc. The wet mix shotcrete machine is widely used in indoor projects such as mines, tunnels, and subways. Compared with Dry mix shotcrete machines, wet mix shotcrete machines are mostly used for more important projects, with less dust, low rebound rate and high spray strength. Regardless of the type of shotcrete machine, an air compressor is required to provide compressed air.

Dry Shotcrete Machine 

dry shotcrete machine in Philippines


Wet Shotcrete Machine 

wet shotcrete machine in Philippines

Advantage of LEC Shotcrete Machines for sale in Philippines:
1. LEC shotcrete machines has the advanced technology. 
2. With stable performance. 

3. Reasonable organization. 
4. Shotcrete Machine with long service life. 
5. Convenient operation and maintenance. 
6. Thin flow conveying method with vortex flow, so the spraying flow is even, continuous and steady, to improve the shotcrete quality.
7. Non-adhesion going-through rotor with new material chamber, completely eliminate bonding and blocking during operation so as to reduce clearance and maintenance period. 
8. Four-point clamping device make it easy to adjust the press between sealing plate and rotor disk so as to no air and dusk leak and prolong consumption parts life. 

Shotcrete Machines application in Philippines

If you are interested in our shotcrete machines, or want to get the detailed information and quotation of shotcrete machine, you can leave a message on the website, chat or send an email to us, the email address is:

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