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Shotcrete machine parts selection

2016-09-28 16:09:08

1. Rubber elbow selection method.
Rubber elbow generally use a polyurethane material, a wear-resistant, compression, easy to break and so on, in the purchase rubber elbow, light hand fold, crease to see whether there is a small slit fracture, if it indicates that the product low quality, wearable effect is not good, it is recommended not to buy this type of product. Quality rubber elbow, hand in a casual light off, the creases will not appear small slit, and will gradually disappear after the reply to the crease, will not be deformed. 

2. Rubber sealing plate selection method.
Rubber pad material used is rubber, although the product materials are the same, or different quality of rubber produced by the sealing plate life is different. Rubber pad spraying machine parts belonging to the product of the process more stringent, so the choice, we must pay attention to the sealing plate quality and technology products. Quality through careful observation can be seen, the poor quality of the sealing plate will show sunken pits, pay attention to the naked eye observation is difficult to find such low-quality rubber sealing plate produced, will lead to poor sealing effect, causing spraying machine efficiency and decrease associated with increased costs.

3. Rubber spring selection method.
Usually made of ordinary rubber spring rubber material, but have a good sound damping effect. Good quality rubber spring by squeezing the outside world, the shape can restore the original height and is not deformed, and high temperatures. In the purchase of rubber springs, be sure to use force pressed to see whether it can recover and will not bend or deform. If spraying machine is operating at high temperatures, high temperature test must be carried out.

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