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China mortar plastering machine supplier

2016-09-29 17:12:55

Mortar spraying machine is divided into piston type, hose type, screw type. They are all with a wide range of application. 

mortar spraying machine

Piston type

china mortar plastering machine

Hose type

mortar plastering machine supplier.jpg

Screw type

Here we give a brief introduction of china mortar plastering machine operation cautions:

a) The pumping speed is very important. The operator should not blindly pumping very fast. There is an old Chinese saying “Haste makes waste”. When pumping for the first time, due to pipeline resistance, users should use low-speed pumping. When pumping to normal, may be appropriate to improve the pumping speed.

b) When there is a blockage sign or concrete slump is small, low speed pumping is needed to avoid blocking.

c) During pumping, the operator should observe the remaining material in the hopper. The remaining material shall not be lower than the mixing shaft. If material is less, it is easy to inhale the air and causing blockage. Also the material should be lower than the fence to timely clean up coarse aggregate and large aggregate.

As a professional mortar plastering machine supplier, LEC pay more attention to its quality. Supply mortar plastering machine with long service life, competitive price and long lasting commercial value.

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