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Shotcrete machine industry achieve technological innovation

2016-09-28 14:45:07

Shotcrete machine industry achieves technological innovation to improve their competitiveness.

Shotcrete machine industry to achieve more accurate product positioning:

Shotcrete machine industry slowdown, numerous shotcrete machine products struggle in the homogenization of serious competition environment.  At the same time, pay attention to a number of market segments, precise positioning of the product, but out of the independent market. With the improvement of the gradual breakdown of project size and construction requirements of the secondary cities, as well as rising labor costs, low energy requirements, such as multiple, large-scale demand for the automatic feeding spraying cars and small mortar spraying machine increasingly greater.

Shotcrete machine manufacturers to achieve the unique technological advantages:

To meet market demand technology is an important manifestation of the core competitiveness of enterprises, but also companies control the market, do sustainable development. Shotcrete machine industry is in the transition from market-driven to technology-driven.

The enterprise through continuous innovation, build its own core competencies, unique technological advantages being formed.

Shotcrete machine equipment development poles:

Shotcrete machine equipment is not only to highlight their overall R & D strength of an important symbol, as well as an important way to influence corporate brand, accelerate the process of internationalization, but also accelerate the construction of major projects investment demand reflected. At the same time, the new rural construction and improve production efficiency, mechanical substitute human work has become a trend, the market for small and micro-concrete spraying machine demand also showed a rising trend.

Shotcrete machine mining equipment industry has brought new development direction.

Up to now, all over the country many major metro projects and urban infrastructure projects have started, subways, highways, railways,, energy and mining construction in full swing, the country will enter a peak period of the construction of the subway. This is not only for the development of the railway infrastructure closely related in terms of spraying machine industry is good news, but more is to bring new development opportunities for shotcrete machine industry manufacturers, a strong impetus to the rapid development of the market.

Thus, in the long run, the state and the construction of the subway and investment will greatly boost the rapid development of industry, spraying machine, spraying machine mine while promoting the rapid development of domestic infrastructure. The accelerating pace of social development, China's population is growing and people's socio-economic information, intelligence, high efficiency requirements continue to increase. Metro has become a city into the international metropolis of modern transportation distinctive signs.

All in all, the state has been gradually stepped up efforts to support the policy, in terms of the construction of the new high-speed rail transport, subway and other invested a lot of manpower, material and financial resources, but also for the subsequent spraying machines and other mining equipment industry to bring a new direction of development. 

shotcrete machine technology

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