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regular checks of shotcrete machine replacement parts

2016-07-13 19:48:40

Shotcrete machine during use will bring wear shotcrete machine parts, and the main target is to wear shotcrete machine parts. Do not look at these little shotcrete machine parts, although not worth some money, but if small parts is a problem, not only the current shotcrete machine does not take more serious consequence is that other mechanical parts of the machine would have been spraying joint property damage. Therefore, we must be changed regularly shotcrete machine parts to ensure the normal use of the shotcrete machine.

1. Steel liner plate. The main appeal is to wear sturdy steel liner plate, chrome boron generally better, carburizing treatment will prolong its life. Of course, the steel liner plate finish is a glance out of consideration.

2. A rubber sheet. Rubber board is also a major consideration whether durability, suitability of materials and rubber version is the focus of attention when buying.

3. Head and nozzle. These two are the main part of the connecting portion of the slurry, choice, is to choose a durable wear. It is worth recalling that, when used normally, we should pay attention to clean, because there may be a slurry of these materials have a role erosion will affect their life. Furthermore, using the shotcrete machine when the wear is critical, because the nozzle is on the ground will move back and forth grinding.

4. Snap ring sleeve. These are linker is connected to the convergence between those two important parts. At the time of purchase to pay attention to the convergence of tightness is good, if there is a good material. At the same time, the threaded portion of the adapter should also pay attention, and if your machine match.

5. Cyclone. Shotcrete machine cyclone fixed on the panel shotcrete machine, spray pipe connection. From the model of the machine is divided into five cyclones, 7 cyclones. Secondly, again from the shape points: 5 type well-port cyclone cyclone 5 electric shotcrete machine, round mouth cyclone 5 pneumatic shotcrete machine, 7 cyclones only side port cyclone .

shotcrete machine spare part

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